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MN05Wrangler 05-04-2013 05:22 PM

Need Help with hard top
I broke my drivers side lift-gate glass hinge, got the new hinges today. While taking off broken hinges, the bolt snapped off inside. I can't drill it out because the backer plate bends when pressure is applied. I have a 2005 Wrangler, factory (I think) hard top. There is no obvious way to reach the bolt from the inside. Was thinking toggle bolt, or drilling through from the inside (a pretty big hole) and putting big washers inside to make my own backer plate. Any thoughts? Please help, I have the window off, and winter has returned to Minnesota :(

MN05Wrangler 05-04-2013 09:01 PM

I decided to dive in as best I could, figured that I couldn't do much more harm to it since it was already broken. I cut a 2" hole in the inside, fished a washer and nut in, and tightened that bad boy down. Seems to work so far, will need to check it often until I forget about fixing it. I used a 2" plug from the plumbing section to cover the hole, and viola, done. On to the next project. Time for a Nordeast

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