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JeepBroTJ 05-05-2013 06:47 PM

My 2002 TJ Sahara
Well I'm new on here, been active on other forums for a while and definitely not new to jeeps. Anyways here are some pics of the evolution of my TJ. I got it as my graduation/ 18th birthday present and as incentive to do well in college, otherwise my dad would take it away. Its going to be 6 years this July, and obviously I did well because I still have it, graduated Magna Cum-laude and at the top of my class in Construction Engineering. But this thread is about my jeep not me.

Here it is the day I got it July 2007. 2" skyjacker springs shocks and fixed lower control arms, stock rims with 33x12.5s.

JeepBroTJ 05-05-2013 06:50 PM

First mods I did were JKS sway bar disconnects, and 1.5" wheel spacers. In the next year I had it I added JKS 1.25" body lift, brown dog motor mount lift, smittybuilt rear tire carrier, and at some point I put Herculiner on the floors also. I wheeled it for a while and got real scared of doing body damage so I got A to Z Fab sliders the second year I owned it and added a winch. I think the year after that I had a bad pinion seal replacement lead to driving with a loose rear pinion nut and kind of messed up my rear gears. So I decided why replace it when I can up grade. So I did 4.56's, aussie locker rear and bought a hp30 front with a lock rite and stuffed it with 4.56's. And I covered up with both diffs with SOLID diff covers.

A few months after installing the sliders

Proof that It gets wheeled, and after winch

JeepBroTJ 05-05-2013 06:59 PM

And for the most part thats How it has been up until Febuary 2012 when my all terrains were too worn out and decided to replace them with 35's that I found for an amazing price. Before the 35's I replaced all my old worn out shocks with new skyjacker hydros and ditched the skyjacker control arms with poly bushings for some stock ones. The stock control arms flex better and ride better than rigid skyjacker ones.

35's Install

First Day with 35's

And first time wheeling with 35's

The new shocks and control arms flex way better than before

Not too bad for just 2" of suspension lift and 35's which has sagged down to a true 1.5" lift over stock.

But some how on that trip, apparently my jeep decided that wheeling 35's was just a little too big and I bent and twisted a rear axle shaft so I upgraded the rear shafts to superior shafts in December. Didnt do anything else to it til last week I put in an Alloy USA SYE, shortened XJ front drive shaft and Rough country X-Flex arms for the rear uppers and lowers. With plans for a belly up skid soon and I'm adding 1" coil spacers for some better clearance.

And the most recent pics wheeling in my friends yard/ditch taken yesterday.

And finally a group shot with some friends

RevCo666 05-05-2013 07:03 PM

Awesome rig but how is the rubbing factor on the flares? Looking at some of the flex pics, that looks like very little room for wiggle...

JeepBroTJ 05-05-2013 07:16 PM

It rubs when flexed out but it dosnt' do any permanent damage. The front fenders rub the worst and they bend out of the way then pop back into place after the tire comes off it. The rear mostly rubs the flare, it hits just barely on the front of the wheel well it self but it self clearanced the thin seam there fairly quick so its not too bad. When I'm driving up something at full flex it sounds horibble with the lugs of the tires popping the flares as they grab but it doesnt cause any real damage. As you can see, from 10 feet the jeep looks good still but I have wheeled for a while with 35's and its still all good.

Heres a pic of the front when fully flexed, it is rubbing and slightly pushing up the fender and flare but like I said it pops back into place when the tire comes off it

If it ever causes damage to the fenders then its time to go flat fenders :punk:

JeepBroTJ 05-06-2013 08:15 PM

Heres a pic of another rig we have, my brother just finished bobbing this truck.

and after

And here's a pic of my driveway, and my two other jeeps, another stock 2002 sahara and a 1988 yj 4" lift and 33's and a nv3550 swapped in.

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