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mike22 05-06-2013 10:20 PM

I find that a lot of people that see all my diff projects the thing they ask about most is my bumpers and all the things I do to make them strong. So I decided to make a build thread of the process I go threw. Yes may be common knowledge to some but may help some others!

My current project is my daily driver. It is a 95 yj...

I will be doing the front stinger/winch bumper first.
Then a rear swing out tire carrier.

mike22 05-06-2013 10:40 PM

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I started by removing the plastic cover that goes between the frame rails and cut out a 1/4 in thick piece of steel plate to go from frame rail to frame rail and from the edge of the front bumper all the way back too about a half in in front of the radiator to get it this far back I had to notch out the plate to fit around the body mount and the power steering lines going into the box.

I then removed the 2 torx bolts in the top of the factory bumper and marked and drilled the holes in the plate to line up with the threaded holes in the frame rails and reinstalled the torx bolts.

I only reused those bolts for the time being just to hold the plate in place I will be replacing these and adding more grade 8 bolts later on.

I then set my winch on the plate and centered it up and marked the holes and drilled them. Temporarily bolted the winch down so the I could get an idea of how to mount the fair lead.

I used some more of the 1/4 in plate and cut out two 4 1/2 in triangles and bent them in a shop press to make the fair lead mounts.

I drilled out the mounts and bolted them to the fair lead so that I could line them up properly and the tack welded them in place.

I then removed the fair lead and winch and welded the mounts solid in place.

It may not look good at the time but every time I weld on a new piece I shoot a little primer on it so to prevent any rust

Once it is complete I will be covering the whole thing in bed liner.
Here is a pic of what I finished tonight.

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Billmummey 05-06-2013 11:29 PM

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Looks good, I just did the same thing but all I had was an old Toyota bumper to cut up and rob the steel from.... It was all1/8" I'm hoping it will hold up until I can buy what I want. I'm also going to add a stinger

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