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1994betty 05-06-2013 11:14 PM

Over heating
I have a 1994 2.5 wrangler. I am overheating and boiling over in a matter of 5-10 min of driving. I have replaced the radiator cap ( because its easy and cheap). My hoses appear to look fine. I am planning to look at my thermostat next and then my water pump. I would appreciate any opinions and suggestions.

Thank you

budke 05-06-2013 11:25 PM

flush it.

66fordman 05-07-2013 08:38 PM

Several things to check on an overheating vehicle, when the engine is at operating temp, feel the top middle and bottom of the radiator(front of rad, opposite side of fan!) if there is a cool spot , you have a blockage. Feel the inlet and outlet heater hoses,if they are cool, again blockage in heater core.
Do a pressure test of the cooling system.(you can rent a press tester at most auto parts stores, press test will show external leaks (hoses, water pump, radiator etc). Just a few easy things to ck, good luck

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