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rjkboyle 12-16-2008 07:11 PM

The Best 35-12.5-15 tires for a 6in lifted YJ
I recently picked up a 94 YJ with a 4 inch suspension lift and a 2 inch body lift. I bought some bald super swamper tires off a friend with some nice 15inch rims. Bought them just for the rims basically. I had 33 inch street tires on the jeep before with ugly factory rims. Im in desperate need for some new tires. I live in British Columbia Canada, so money wise I am referring to CAD. Im looking to keep it less than $300 a tire. I have gotten a few quotes from places but there are soo many choices its hard to decide. I want a mud terrain just to keep the chunky look, and decided to go with 35 tires, 12.5 width, with 15 rim. I have been looking at the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A or the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2. Along with Dick Cepek Radical F-C II tires. The tires will be used for strictly street driving, with the odd off roading if I so decide to later. In the winter here snow and ice will be a problem so I want something that will hold up good with that, along with wet conditions. Street noise doesnt really bother me, but I would like something that responds well, and doesnt pull or follow the road. Im just hoping to get some good feedback and if theres a tires im overlooking which would be good for me. Also I would consider shipping online from the U.S if it would save me money, by the tires being a lot less, even after exchange and shipping.


jpdocdave 12-16-2008 07:17 PM

welcome to the forum, as far as tires, bfg mud terrains are great tires. but any 35" mud tire is gonna suck in the snow and ice. its like putting on snow shoes, the jeep rides on top of the snow with those tires. so i'd say pick whatever looks good to ya out of the ones you listed, they are all 3 fine choices.

might wanna consider an all terrain tire on your stock rims for the winter, maybe a 32 or 33 inch all terrain, and use the mud terrains in the better weather. kind of pricey, but just a thougt.

rjkboyle 12-16-2008 08:06 PM

Well my 33 9.5 15's that i have sitting under my sundeck are all terrains. So im thinking I will just throw those on for the winter, and then give me some time to save for a new set of 12.5 for my other rims. Only thing I hate is that the stock rims are uglier than sin.

nicolas-eric 12-16-2008 08:12 PM

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The BFG MTs I had were very bad on the road. Th BFG ATs were a bit bttr, but they were bad off the road.
My Cooper STTs are better on the road than both BFGs (especially in rain) ad still a bit better off the road than the BFG MTs (in mud and sand). They clean out their thread much better.

87YJWrangler 12-18-2008 10:48 AM

I had 31/10.5/15 Dueler AT on my pathfinder and got around good I just have BFG Wranglers on now but I liked the Duelers better Idk if they come in 35/12.5/15s tho:)

MoA 12-18-2008 10:53 AM

bre (my girl) has 35x12.5 bfg mts on her jeep and they SUCK in the snow.. and i know canada has more of it than we get here in indiana..

if your wanting tires for a dd.. id keep with AT tire..

however i run 33x12.5 procomp mts and my tires grib soo much better than the girls bfg mts.. they show good signs of wear for a mt and they arent very noisy unlike the bfg mts

jeeper95yj 12-29-2008 05:06 PM

I have a 95 Wrangler with a 4inch suspension that comes out to 3.5 when the jeep is set down and a 2 inch shackle; can I fit 35's? And will I be able to handle it with stock axles and 3:07 gears. I run 33's right now and can still catch a wheel in 2nd. Thing runs like a raped ape. Although I do put super in it and I just had the engine rebuilt. Any comments????

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