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JCS05Rubi 12-16-2008 10:15 PM

Stupid state decisions
What kind of stupid things are your state legislators doing?

Maryland, just like the rest I assume, is having trouble with budgets. Can't afford to pay people, not enough money etc. Despite all the troubles with money, they still voted to give all the elected officials raises because "I work very hard, and I have kids to put through college!" They also decided to buy up a huge plot of PUBLIC marsh land on southern tip of the state near the bay. They say they want to ensure the public can enjoy outdoor actives in the future. Best part is they are paying $70 million for it. Now, it has been raining. It was ~42* earlier this afternoon, and about 40* now. Weather channel estimates 36*. So, since it is 40* and raining, the state decided to put ALL ice/snow plow trucks on standby, and have been having them all sitting around waiting for the rain to freeze since this afternoon. They are telling them to stay overnight and through rush hour tomorrow morning, just in case. Guess you can't just call people anymore, or tell them to come in and wait on standby when it gets in the mid 30s, rather than sit around in the rain at 42*.

Not money related, but they are trying to pass a few new firearm legislations too (no surprise, this is MD..). We already have 1 firearm a month, 7 day waiting period, and 20 rd magazine limits, but the laws aren't doing anything (obviously). Last year they tried the ammunition serialization and it failed. Now they say they are going to lower the magazine limit to 10 rounds and force residents to register with the state and get a background check every 6 years for any residents that legally own firearms. Seems like it would be much easier to just buy an illegal handgun :(

Now NY is passing decibel limits for motorcycles. 80 decibels, because they are too distracting. Any motorcycle that doesn't have an EPA sticker (Given when you go and do a separate inspection for noise) will get a first offense fine of $1000 and temporary seizure of motorcycle until fines are paid. Second offense is $2500 and permanent forfeit of your bike. I feel bad for the poor bikers in NY who have these stickers stolen while they are sleeping by some punk kid that is bored. Apparently police won't be the only people allowed to issue tickets either, I think meter maids etc. will also be able to assess the fine and seize any bike that doesn't have a sticker.
* Lawn Mower 88-94
* Air Compressor 90-93
* 1/4" Drill 92-95
* Weed Whacker 94-96
* Leaf Blower 95-105
* Circular Saw 100-104
* Maximum Output of Stereo 100-110
Guess we don't have to worry about those pesky lawn mowers, or those construction site workers. They are good to go.

I don't know how much more I can take. I try to turn off the computer and stop reading the news, but it is still too much when you don't pay attention. I am starting to hear the phrase "the Revolutionary war was started because" an awful lot lately too...:banghead:

Joe Dirt 12-17-2008 12:56 AM

People always say California is the liberal, gun hating state, but that kind of stuff would never fly here. I think the eastern US has lost its collective mind.

AzTJ 12-17-2008 02:28 AM


Originally Posted by Joe Dirt (Post 293818)
People always say California is the liberal, gun hating state, but that kind of stuff would never fly here. I think the eastern US has lost its collective mind.

Yup - same here in AZ, but compared to a lot of other states, we have it easy... plus cake.

RatherBNarizona 12-17-2008 02:36 AM

ha I think its funny that people from out of state come to college and think that its the strangest thing that we can just go out and buy a gun haha

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