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breazeale0919 05-08-2013 06:59 PM

How do I remove stock radio?
How do I remove the stock radio in my 1994 YJ and replace it with an aftermarket radio? Jeep has working AC...what do I have to remove?

AllMudd 05-08-2013 09:33 PM

You need to star with taking the dash panel around the steering column lose a little 6 screws. Then the 6 screws for the center dash piece. Once you do hat the whole center piece will come out. Can't remember if the stock radio is screwed into the dash or if its attached to the dash insert. Either way unscrew it or if its attached there should be silver tabs that you can bend that hold the radio to the insert. Just make sure you get the wire adapter for the jeep to radio brand to make the install easier.

breazeale0919 05-08-2013 09:55 PM


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