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HarlanPage 05-09-2013 07:26 PM

Best Possible Cover
I have recently bought a new Jeep Sport. I live 2 houses off the Atlantic Ocean, so salt and sand is a constant issue. Which cover brand and type would you recommend? Thank you in advance for helping me out...

TOK 05-09-2013 07:39 PM

I mainly use my Jeep on weekends and wanted to be able to leave the top and doors off and just leave it covered. If you've been doing any reading, you have probably found some covers that are exorbitantly expensive... I figured mine would be on and off and just thrown in the garage a lot, so I didn't want one that was over $200.

I got a Smittybilt before I learned their nickname (lol), and while its light, inexpensive and fits well, it isn't waterproof. My Jeep doesn't get soaked, but there is enough leakage at the seams that I'm not comfortable leaving the doors off and top down with just the cover on. Its protecting it from leaves and bird crap, but I'd say its only about 70% waterproof. I might try some tent waterproofing before I bail on it.

Not much help, other that what to avoid if you're looking for waterproof!

live_slow 05-09-2013 08:05 PM

I've lived in coastal cities and areas several times (NYC, Honolulu, etc.)

There are great covers to keep dust and scratches at bay when the car is garaged. Many of these are cleared for "long term" storage, over the vehicle indoors, and are generally affordable.

There are great covers to keep the elements at bay outdoors, but almost all of them that are affordable are considered "temporary" or not suited for long-term outdoor storage.

Considering the price of a new Jeep though, I would go with a Covercraft Weathershield HD, north of $350/$400 if the Jeep was gonna sit under the cover "out in the elements" all the time.

Warning, following link contains a partially covered "Hummer" so it may be considered not safe for viewing by reasonable people. WeatherShield HD Car Covers - Covercraft Car Covers

Even with one of these, I'm of the opinion you should not just leave the vehicle sit for long periods of time and should air it out after heavy rains, snows, etc.

DozerJK 05-16-2013 07:56 AM

I am actually looking around for a nice cover as well (so that I dont have to put the windows in and top up if a quick rain shower is coming).

I found these below that appear to fit the bill but looking for recommendations as well!

Classic Accessories 10-020-251001-00 OverDrive Polypro 3 Charcoal Jeep Wrangler SUV / Pickup Cover for Jeep : : Automotive

Jeep Wrangler Cover 2 Door 2007 - 2013 model : : Automotive

Rampage 1204 Grey 4 Layer Full Car Cover : : Automotive


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