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HOLLADAY JEEPER 05-09-2013 09:07 PM

Soft Top cleaning and care
Hello everybody, I just had a question about what I need to clean my top with and what kind of protectant would be the best to use on it, never had any dealings with soft tops, my other jeep had a hard top, so was just wondering, thanks

MTLayton 05-10-2013 10:59 AM

I've done some research on this forum for the topic. Some popular things members have suggested to a similar question are twofold and seem to be equally popular.
One is bestop's soft top care kit which can be found on quadratec's website. It includes a cleaner specifically for the vinyl windows, and a cleaner and protectant for the soft top and other black vinyl pieces (these are not supposed to touch the windows). These three bottles come in a box and have instructions to be applied with a soft cloth. I might also recommend the zipper lubricant cleaner the make for the soft top.
Another popular recommendation is aerospace 303 cleaner and protectant. One bottle which has a spray top which is applied and then wiped off.
Both protectants claim to repel dirt/grease, etc. and protect your top from UV damage with the recommended use.
I will defer to other members as to which product is superior, as I have minimal experience and am merely reporting a summary of I have read on this forum. I personally bought the bestop kit because from my understanding they make the factory soft tops. But many many members love and swear by the 303 as well.

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