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michiganhunter 05-09-2013 09:10 PM

Linkage to door handle help please!!
I was wondering if anyone has any pictures or could tell me where I could find pictures on the linkage that connects the exterior door handle on the drivers side to whatever opens the door. I got around to seeing why my window would not row all the way down and the exterior door handle would not work, so I followed the thread in here about removing the exterior handle what a helpful thread i will tell ya that, helped me right out on removing the handle Sony could replace it with a new one. The problem was there is a rod on the linkage that popped off of the striker release I guess it is and fell down its a longer rod with threads in it up top, I kinda picked it up and set it up in a cradle that held it, but not rightly sure what actually keeps it there that's why I would like to see. Picture so I can get the part, with that kinda set in the cradle the door handle worked and the window went all the way down. So u hope some one can help me out with what I need. Thanks.

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