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Goofyjumper 05-10-2013 09:42 AM

Converting a 5 to a 6, an abbreviated story.
In December of 2011 I decided to purchase an intermediate CJ-5 with the idea of making a very capable off road jeep. I very quickly realized that the jeep I purchased was in really poor shape and was going to need a lot of work. I also realized that the 5 was just too short for the plans that I had for it. I talked to a buddy about possible solutions and he says, "Ever heard of a 6?" So I immediately started my research and came to the conclusion that I could make one. So here's a few pictures:

Day of purchase:


Body stretch (Done with 16 ga sheet metal panels formed by hand.)

Frame; My initial stretch of the frame involved cutting off the front and back of the frame and replacing the center section with 3/16" 2X4 rectangular tubing. I later completely reconfigured the frame after using the jeep for 6 months.

Outboarding the springs for full-width axles:

Body going back on:

Wheels and Tires on:

Goofyjumper 05-10-2013 09:42 AM

Backend re-done:

New wiring harness:

New Dash setup:

First version of the rebuild:

Skip ahead 6 more months for second re-build:

Re-worked the frame from the engine back. Widened it for more stability and to lower the jeep 3".

Re-did the front shackle hangers to reduce the height of the jeep.

I dropped the body 1.5" lower in addition to lowering the suspension. This required modification to the transmission tunnel:

New tube work for fenders and armor:

New cage:

New tire carrier:

The whole story can be read here:

Tim's CJ-5 Version 6.0 Thread

I hope this encourages others.... I did all of the work solo and used great resources like this forum and others for information... so this is my contribution.

gcaughron 05-10-2013 02:37 PM

Neat build. Bet it's a lot of fun with the satisfaction of built, not bought.

bigredjeep1 02-09-2014 11:05 AM

Wow awesome custom home built cj6! Love the 1 ton axles too under it and it long wheelbase & width with the tons! Thanks for the pics and info

duffer 03-05-2014 10:20 AM

Here is another thread making a 5 into a 6 for those interested
making my 5 a 6

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