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dragonman289 05-10-2013 08:13 PM

new wrangler from pa
i need some help hopping to find answers

dragonman289 05-10-2013 08:15 PM

i have a 98 wrangler inline 6 leaking oil from the bell housing changed the rear main seal still leaks when running idle it dont leak when i drive a leave a trail

jokerchief462 05-10-2013 08:17 PM

:wavey:Welcome to the forum!!!

dragonman289 05-10-2013 08:22 PM

thank you

SilverSport 05-10-2013 10:44 PM

Welcome Aboard! :wavey: This is where we welcome new members so you may not get any answers. Post your question here in the TJ forum: TJ Jeep Wrangler Forum - Jeep Wrangler Forum

Beastmaster 05-10-2013 10:47 PM

Yep, what he said ^^^

In the mean time, I just like to say . . .

Welcome to the forum! :wavey:

/l ,[____],
l---L -OlllllllO-
()_) ()_)--o-)_)

dabolt55 05-10-2013 11:55 PM

Welcome, hope you get your rig fixed.....:thumb:

MrSig 05-11-2013 03:10 AM and enjoy the forum!

Wranglin4Life 05-11-2013 12:00 PM

:wavey: Welcome to the forum!!

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