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en480c4 05-11-2013 07:46 AM

My 2012 Sahara Tan JKU Build Thread
I realized I've been posting more on the site and I never started a build thread here. I have to say that I'm very pleased with my Jeep, and the choices I've made to get it where it is. I couldn't be happier with the performance of the Jeep, both on and off road. So following is a quick summary of the Jeep and work to date.

2012 JKU Sport S
  • 6 speed
  • 3.21 Gears
  • Dual Tops
The night I picked it up after trading my '05 LJ:

Modifications to Date:
  • Rubicon Rock Rails (for the trails)
  • Sahara Steps (for the pregnant wife)
  • AEV 3.5" SC Lift
  • AEV Savegres in Matte Black
  • 35" KM2s
  • AEV Spare Tire Carrier & CHMSL
  • AEV Tubeless Front Bumper
  • aFe Y-Pipe
  • Mopar Fuel Door
  • Mopar Heated Seats
  • Quadratec Floor Liners
  • Smittybuilt Molle Tailgate Cover
  • Hotheads Headliners
  • RBZ 430 Non-Navigation Head Unit
  • uConnect w/ Steering Wheel Controls
  • Grand Cherokee Backup Camera
A driveway shot of how it sits now:

Major Items to Add:
  • AEV Winch Mount & Fairlead Bracket
  • Winch (Size & Brand TBD)
  • AEV Rear Bumper
  • JKS Quick Disconnects or Currie Antirock
  • 4.56 Gears & Traction Aids (Type & Brand TBD)
I'll follow up with a few posts of the details, plus a summary of my trailer project, which is a nice complement to the Jeep.

en480c4 05-11-2013 07:52 AM

So, here are a few shots of the lift install and when the wheels & tires went on...

Yeah, it came out of the garage a little higher than I expected.

Much better!

And the AEV tire carrier with the stock rear bumper...

And my heated seat switch locations...

And the front bumper on...

MacCTD 05-11-2013 07:57 AM

Looks great, my favorite color by far. Just curious why did you pick 3.21 gears?

en480c4 05-11-2013 08:09 AM

So, I added a Dunbar Kapple M100 trailer to the mix last summer. It was in kind of rough shape, but after a lot of work, it came together pretty well. I replaced the leaf springs, shackles, hardware and repaired the hacked lunette. The only compromise I had to make was how I fixed the hacked-in tailgate. Eventually welding in a new rear panel would be nice, but it gets the job done for now. And I still need to add a cover/lid/tonneau and touch up some paint, but otherwise I'm very pleased.

Bringing it home:

A lot of work to do!

Primed and awaiting parts:

Rolling again

Lunette repaired:

Back end buttoned up:

Testing around the block:

All ready to go!

en480c4 05-11-2013 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by MacCTD (Post 3743972)
Looks great, my favorite color by far. Just curious why did you pick 3.21 gears?


I didn't so much pick them as I got the last Sahara Tan Sport within 500 miles, so I took what I could get. I got it in early September of '12, so production of Sahara Tan had stopped and stock was getting scarce.

Terex 05-11-2013 09:26 AM

Nice. Maybe my favorite color combo. I would have done the gears first, not last.

Froglips 05-11-2013 09:52 AM

How did the gear change affect your gas mileage?
My Jeep is a 2012 JKU Sahara w/3.73 gears. I am in the process of installing a 3" lift, 33 x 12.5 M/T MTZs on 17" wheels, front and rear bumpers, and a CE 12,000# winch.

I am a little freaked out by the height you seem to have gained. Hope mine still fits in the garage (I have 6" clearance above the stock hardtop).

You are turning a lot more wheel than me but I wonder how much of a gas mileage hit you took and subjectively how much better the general power feels in your jeep with the higher gearing.

1Topp 05-11-2013 09:54 AM


Rogerg 05-11-2013 10:26 AM

Looks really good... I would suggest going with the Currie antirock or the Teraflex ST. After all these years I still think its one of the best mods I did on my jeep other than regearing.

Y-Guy 05-11-2013 11:27 AM

Very nice build, I'm biased but love the color!

Senior Chief 05-11-2013 05:51 PM


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