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crimsonyj 05-11-2013 09:57 AM

rotation noise
95yj have replaced rear wheel bearings,rear u-joint,both u-joints on front drive shaft and i still hava rotation noise,its not a grinding type,im thinkin carrier bearing.How difficult is this going to be?I"ve heard stories of setting up gear alignment that have me second guessing my abilities,so far i did the easy obvious,any suggestions,clues or similar situations are very welcomed:banghead:

AllMudd 05-11-2013 11:09 AM

If it is a carrier bearing before you decide to do any axle work. You should have the Dana 35 rear axle. This axle is know for flexing while driving with bigger tires. Depending on what you have done and what the PO did during their trials. You might want to look into replacing it altogether. If you have or plan on doing bigger tires this is the best route to go. Some fellow Jeepers will say they run the D35 for years on 33" tall tires with lockers and haven't had a problem. But I on the other hand have replaced the carrier once and replaced an ARB locker once. Currently I am swapping out the D35 due to the fact that my ARB locker once again is bad.

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