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Bar01 05-11-2013 08:57 AM

Wheels/tires decision = frustration
I have posted several times on this forum as I'm new to Jeeps and will soon be getting a '13 JKU. The very last thing I need to do (at least for now) is figure out what aftermarket wheels and tires to get. This will be a daily driver with possibly a bit of off-roading. I think I've got the tires figured out, either Goodyear Duratrac or MT/R (I like a more aggressive look). I will not be lifting the Jeep.

I'm struggling with finding a wheel I like that is compatible with the specs of the JKU. It seems 17' x 8" is the preferred size (but with the 17" I can't go any wider?) However, I was told that I could go 18" x 9". This opens up quite a few opportunities for wheel selection. I don't know if I could go to a 16" and if so what the width would be?

I'm not even sure what I'm asking here. So clueless about all of it. So for all of you that went with aftermarket wheels/tires on your '13 JKU what size did you get and are you happy with your decision?

dawhitesJKU 05-11-2013 02:26 PM

Daily driver, no need for an mtr. I'd say duratrac, kelly safari tsr (rebranded duratrac) or the new toyo at2 if u want 65k warranty... all of which are light weight (good on mileage/drivability)

If ur on a budget, falkens are pretty good for their price.

Big Cole 05-11-2013 03:37 PM

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Find a set of wheels/tires off a Rubicon. Many sets are available on craigslist.

dawhitesJKU 05-11-2013 03:42 PM

Btw, I went 285/70/17 and yes I'm happy that I'm still getting 19-20mpg.

Bar01 05-11-2013 09:32 PM

Thank you for your replies!

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