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ThingsAbove 05-11-2013 01:10 PM

Oversize spare support on stock carrier using hitch
I recently put 35" on and didn't have the money yet for a rear bumper with spare tire carrier so I'm using the Warrior tire carrier with 3rd brake light extension that works with the factory carrier.

I was told that it should be fine with normal driving and light wheeling (no drops from ledges) but it worried me and I wanted to find a workable solution to help support that heavy spare using what I had around the house.

I have accumulated a bunch of hitches over the years. When the hitch it placed in the receiver in the "rise position" (i.e. pointing up) the sweet spot for my particular tire seems to be a 6 3/4 inch rise. I rounded the sharp edges off the end of the hitch and with a bit of wheel bearing grease on the bottom of the tire it slides over the hitch nicely. I'd estimate its not bearing more than 15lbs of the tire weight but more importantly to me it doesn't allow the spare to bounce on that carrier because of the support from the bottom.

The drawbacks that I can see are that the hitch is in the way of me loading the back and that it has some grease on it so if I do contact it while getting stuff in and out it's a mess.

I do wonder a bit if that constant pressure on the tire in that spot will create a permanent dent but it's not really depressing it there so I think it should be ok. As I rotate the spare the tread will of course get shorter and I'll need to find a way to easily fill that gap. I'll worry about that in a few months... or maybe by then I'll have a real bumper with tire carrier.

kjeeper10 05-11-2013 01:28 PM

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Great idea :thumb:

ThingsAbove 05-11-2013 04:08 PM

We'll see how it works across the teeth jarring expansion joints around here. My Daystar bumpstops are still on order. I'm sure that will help some too.

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