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Hexiled Razz 05-11-2013 02:16 PM

2000 TJ: Brush guards?
After i get my repairs all set away on my TJ, my next investment will be in a brush guard.

In particular, where i live i want one that is good for throwing roadkill down and to the side(Probably the most likely accident for me based on where i live). But something i'm noticing about a lot of wrangler brush guards is that the ones in my price range (Up to $350 unless i save for a few months) don't wrap up and around the factory bumper and have full coverage. The ones i've been looking at bolt to the existing bumper(Like this one i was looking at), or simply replace it(Like this one).
Normally i wouldn't have a problem with this, however if i do something like hit a deer, i don't want my air bags going off over something that could do little to no damage to my Jeep. I assume that a brush guard that wraps around my bumper (like this. Different year, same concept though) would desensitize the air bag deployment and only have it deploy during more serious accidents. I believe the same concept if i buy a brush guard that replaces the factory bumper. That it'll deploy just the same if i hit a deer.

How accurate am i on this theory? Keep in mind i know little about the senor systems as far as airbag deployment goes. But i would prefer my air bags don't go off when they don't need to.
Also can anyone suggest a brush guard that has good coverage within reasonable pricing?


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