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trmn8r 12-19-2008 01:58 PM

shock and speedometer question
Hi all, new here, just getting back into jeeps. Used to have a 79 CJ-7 304 v-8. Man I miss that ride. Anyway enough of the old past, on to the new and my questions.

Just got a '02 TJ last week, rattle like crazy from the back, thought it was the spare tire, turned out to be the upper shock mount rubbers worn slap out.

Got four Rough Country Nitro 9000's, put them on this morning (read here some say they ride rough but doesn't seem bad to me, better than worn out RE shocks that came with the lift anyway :D )

My shock question is, are TJ's or Jeeps in general hard on those upper rubbers? Mine were almost completely gone. When mounting the new ones I can see why, the angle they mount at is putting that top joint at a odd angle. Is that normal or do I have something bent? Both lower mount angles seem to match side to side so I don't think so but cant say for sure. The new shocks came with a spare rubber each to replace worn out ones I guess, so I'm just guessing they wear quickly?

Speedo question.
2002 auto, 3.07 gears, 33" BFG tires this chart tells me I need a 26 tooth speedo drive gear.
Quadratec has this gear in 26 tooth but it says it's for '91 - '93 Jeep. Will it work in '02? If not where do I need to look for it at?

thanks. looking forward to hanging out here and learning a bunch.

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