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SafetyThird 05-12-2013 03:40 PM

CB antenna vs roof rack
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I have high SWR on my new antenna. It ranges from 4-5. The tubular steel roof rack is inches away from the center of the antenna. Opening the tailgate moves the antenna away from that rack and SWR drops to 1.5. Shut the gate and its right back up.

The setup is a Cobra 75 attached to a Wilson Flex antenna via 10 feet of Radio Shack RG58. The antenna is mounted at the tire carrier on the right hand side. A ground wire runs from that mount to the jeep body. I used a multimeter to check for shorts and to verify ground. It all looks good. An 18 foot length of quality RG58A might help, but I think it's location that is the real problem. I had fiberglass antenna on this mount before. SWR was never good, but it was in the safe range on the lower channels. I could get traffic on 19 and that was good enough. I broke that antenna loading a canoe on the rack.

What are my options for mounting this antenna? I want a reasonable height for trail and urban obstacles and I need room for my boats.

In the beach picture that flag is not the antenna. The flag was required for driving at Oregon Dunes.

tchoberg 05-15-2013 08:40 PM

How about moving the antenna to the front fender as the proximity of the rack to the antenna is your SWR problem.

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