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GlennD47 12-19-2008 08:51 PM

Can't turn off the wipers
My 97 TJ windshield wipers cannot be turned off when it is damp outside. Overnight rain, fog or just the morning dew and the wipers can only be turned off by putting the stalk between positions. This works until you hit a bump. Once the car dries out they work fine except that they will not park. I figure it has to be the motor or the control. Anyone else have this problem and what did it turn out to be?

6DEVIL16 12-20-2008 12:51 PM

Check for this
You may have an Intermittent Short on the positive side of the switch or the switch itself. The motor for the wipers will either have power applied to it or not. Disconnect switch as a first in troubleshooting, Then wait to see if problem occurs.:crash:

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