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OregonPlinker 05-12-2013 08:58 PM

Winch problem
I hope this is the right spot for this thread. Bare with me.

I have had this winch 3-4 times over 10 years. Me and my cousin keep selling it back to each other. Its a WARN MX 10000 D1. Last time I had it it worked. My cousin had it and it quit working. We decided it was the solenoids. I got it back from him for my wrangler.

I bought 4 new solenoids for it and put it on my wrangler today. I got it all wired up and nothing is working. I have juice at the winch, at the remote and at the little wires and little posts on the solenoids. Nothing at any of the big posts except the one that is hooked up to the battery. But even that solenoid isnt putting power out the other side when I hit the switch. I am pretty sure I got all the wires back where they go. I numbered them and drew a diagram to be sure... I also looked at my WARN 8000 thats from the same era with the same solenoids and its wired up the same. Im lost. I dont understand it. :confused:

The solenoids are heavy duty continuous use or whatever from napa. They arent like the ones you see on ebay with all the posts on top of the cylinder. They are like the ones off an old ford with the posts on the side of the cylinder... Hopefully you know what Im Any help would be much appreciated!!!! Thank you, Brandon

OregonPlinker 05-12-2013 11:06 PM

Bad ground is what im thinking. Gonna take it apart tomorrow after work and make sure the solenoids are grounded. It has a lot of rust on the solenoid panel...:thumb:

OregonPlinker 05-13-2013 06:26 PM

Nope. It wasnt a ground problem. Got it all cleaned up and made sure its got good ground... Still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanky

30-284 05-17-2013 08:42 PM

Make sure that the small wire that picks up the relay is putting voltage to the small terminal on the relay. That would be the one that comes from the controler, also when you use the controler to operate the winch, can you here the relays pick up? Do these relays have 1 small terminal or 2 small terminals, if one then they are internally grounded and need a good ground at the mounting bolt, if 2 then they will need a small ground wire at the second small terminal on each relay.


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