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O_M_Jeep 05-13-2013 06:35 AM

Wyoming off road
Anyone around Laramie / Rawlins / Rock Springs / Lander let us know, been trying to put together some mild to wild local trail runs in southern / central Wyoming.

There are a lot of great trails to run in Wyoming, and a lot of resources for finding for from Marc Smith's book Wyoming Backroads to Charles Wells off-road guides.

Anyone here interested in wheeling Wyoming respond or PM me.

307jrv 05-13-2013 09:32 PM

Nice to see someone here for a change. I'm in Cheyenne but always lookin to find new trails to play on.

O_M_Jeep 05-14-2013 06:44 AM

definatly, it's almost unbelievable you see so many Jeeps and off road trucks and so few people like to use them.

JustinCovolo 06-18-2013 02:34 PM

I am in rock springs and am always ready to go for a ride! As long as I am not working😔

USAF089 06-18-2013 06:18 PM

I should be moving to Cheyenne fairly soon... (next couple of months) I'm sure hoping there are some good places to ride!

307jrv 06-19-2013 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by USAF089 (Post 3874543)
I should be moving to Cheyenne fairly soon... (next couple of months) I'm sure hoping there are some good places to ride!

I'm in cheyenne and there are a few good places to go here and we're close enough to shoot down to Colorado. I really want to try and get a Wyoming jeepers meet together somewhere here in the state. Colorado has them and so does Nebraska, hell even my home state of California has them all over the place.

O_M_Jeep 06-19-2013 06:38 AM

I'm up for that, this Saturday (6-22) at 10am there is a get together in Casper, at the Poison Spider off-road park, and I have been looking at some amazing trails that are challenging if your not real experienced and have some play areas if you are, but short summers work against us too much here, and Labor Day for us is our Moab trip.

307jrv 06-19-2013 02:55 PM

Damn, wish I'd known about casper before now. Already have plans. Maybe next time I can get up that way for it. I spent last weekend up in the hills around here makin my own trails, found a few pretty good steep hills to climb (scared the crap outta my 7 year old daughter but my 8 year old son loved it). All in all was a pretty fun weekend.

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