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LenaLuvsLife 05-13-2013 08:47 PM

Newbie - Just Bought 2013 JKU Oscar Mike

I just bought my first Jeep. It's a 2013 JKU Freedom Edition in True Blue. I just put 33's on it today. Other than that I've done nothing extra yet.

I'm brand new to the Jeep community. Former Kia Forte owner...go ahead...get your laughter under control. :rofl:

So, I decided on a Jeep after my husband and I wrecked in his 2010 JK a couple of weeks ago. We were in northern California visiting family when a deer jumped out and we hit that doing about 50mph. Not a second after the deer was off the bumper a drunk driver in a car hit us at 60mph, no brakes, plowed us off the road, into a spin, down a drop off on 2 tires and back down. We were both pretty banged up but came out alive and we even drove the Jeep a few miles back to my Dad's house after we disassembled the drunken idiot's front end from underneath the rear axle and wheels.

After seeing how well his Jeep did in the accident and thinking about what our bodies would have endured had we driven my Kia, if we survived, I decided to get a Jeep.

Funny thing is my husband and I are already debating over who gets what for parts. LOL!

I hope to gain lots of knowledge and advice on how to do some upgrades from people here. So, thanks in advance for any help you can all share with us!

See you around,
Lena :flowers:

hmenker 05-13-2013 08:54 PM

Welcome, Lena, to the forum! Glad to hear of your new acquisition! Sounds great! Glad you and your husband fared well in the accident. You're right about how well a Jeep can hold up in an accident. My story is nothing like yours but I was rear-ended while stopped by a driver who never hit the brakes as she went under my rear bumper. No real injuries to me or the vehicle. Again, welcome!

Beastmaster 05-13-2013 09:50 PM

Glad you are okay.

Welcome to the forum! :wavey:

/l ,[____],
l---L -OlllllllO-
()_) ()_)--o-)_)

MrSig 05-14-2013 03:52 AM and enjoy the forum!

dabolt55 05-14-2013 06:37 AM

Welcome Lena, we all made mistakes on your previous vehicles.. We all learned. Enjoy the Wrangler family....:wavey:

Wranglin4Life 05-14-2013 07:57 AM

:wavey: Welcome to the forum!!

SilverSport 05-14-2013 06:42 PM

Lena, Welcome Aboard! :wavey:

LenaLuvsLife 05-14-2013 08:16 PM

Thanks for the warm Jeep welcome everyone! :-)

Macnerd 05-30-2013 12:27 AM

Holy crap!! And welcome!! Sounds like you're both lucky to be here. Hope you love your Jeep.

LenaLuvsLife 06-01-2013 10:47 AM

Thank you, macnerd. We definitely are very lucky to be alive!

04Xtj 06-01-2013 09:02 PM

glad to hear your both ok..welcome to the forums..

Hammer One 06-01-2013 09:20 PM

Great choice...welcome to the family!! Jeep wave!! :-)

LenaLuvsLife 06-02-2013 02:56 AM


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