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mloft 05-14-2013 11:26 AM

Newbie Jeep Questions!
Traded in my mostly stock H3 for a mostly stock Jeep Wrangler last night and now I have a couple of newbie questions.

First off: I removed the doors and hardtop today and found that there are wires that go to each door. I have manual windows, manual locks, hell even a manual transmission. What are these wires for? Are they essential for anything or just a placeholder for if I ever decide I want to carry around a key fob with me and spend hella money on an electric lock?

Second off: Do most people remove the hinges themselves? I noted that the bolts all look painted, and I'd rather not scratch them up on the off chance that they aren't stainless and will rust... So for not, my hinges are still on. Is that typical? Never had a jeep before, never got to do this.

Third dumb thing: Does anyone make a sound system for the jeep that replaces the stock without any extra craziness... like speakers that go where the stock speakers go, etc. Basically, I want to still have the bumping bass that my hummer had but without having to install an amp and drill holes to run wires. Not a huge issue if nothing exists.

And finally: I'm sure in about a month I'll want to add bits and pieces. What are the major outlets that are trustworthy for add-ons? I see a ton on google, but is there like a "big one" that is reputable, or should I be getting different stuff from different online retailers? I'm thinking like winch, half doors, light bar, etc. Let me know!

I'll have more, but thats it for now. Thanks guys!

TX Sasquatch 05-14-2013 11:40 AM

The wire connection tells your Jeep when the doors are open and closed. If the wire is connected, the dome lights go on and off when the doors open and close, and they also turn the radio off when you take the key out and open the doors. When the wires are disconnected, the radio stays on for about 30 seconds after taking the key out, though I believe there is a setting to change this.

I think most everyone leaves the hinges on. Never seen anyone actually take the hinges off now that I think about it. I even bolt up some foot pegs to the lower hinge when the doors are off.

No clue on sound systems, someone else will need to answer that one.

Quadratec seems like the biggest online retailer of aftermarket jeep goodies. There are also a lot of forum sponsors worth checking out. I particularly like

HOOCBB 05-14-2013 11:40 AM


First, the wires going to the doors (with manual locks and windows) are for the dome light and door chime. Absolutely no harm with these disconnected.

Second, leave the door hinges attached to their respective parts. There is a a "nut" on the bottom of each hinge (yours may be missing if the Jeep was used). Use a T50 torx bit to remove those, disconnect the wires, then lift the doors off the hinges, leaving the body mounted hinge piece in place.

Third, couldn't tell you except for the Kicker 77KICK10 speakers are direct replacements for the sound bar and maybe the speakers in the dash (not the tweeters on top). I need to upgrade my sound as well, just haven't done anything with it yet.

As for where to buy parts and accessories, I'll let someone else answer that one. I have only made one online purchase for my JK and it was from Quadratec, mostly because they were the only ones that I knew of that had what I needed.

jcrawler93 05-14-2013 12:02 PM

I upgraded the sound and instead of putting a huge bass in the back I got a Bazooka bass it fits pretty much anywhere in the Jeep.

As far as a Jeep retailer I always buy my stuff from Forum Vendors, better prices and you support local stores or small businesses.

Most Jeep forums have a "marketplace" and you can send private messages to vendors on what you need.

ahsumtoy 05-14-2013 04:28 PM

Answer to one of your questions
Everyone has answered most of your questions. Every Jeep owner knows that the audio just plain sucks. If you want booming bass, you are going to have to put in a sub-woofer (or if it has one, replace it). Also, you need to run 4-ohm speakers, not just replace them with 2-ohm kickers. To do that you are going to need an amp and a PAC LOC. Do a search on audio and you will see many articles on what and how to do it. If you still can't find what you are looking for, PM me. I have totally taken everything out and replaced everything. My system ROCKS now. I am currently helping another member offline on building his dream audio system for his Jeep.

Kennyksu 05-14-2013 05:06 PM

You might let folks know wher you are and they could recommend local shops for gear. I'm in the Denver area and I get great pricing and even better advice from a local shop that I'm happy to support. When you're new, the advice and Q&A is worth it even if you spend a few extra bucks.

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