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Luke59 05-14-2013 01:51 PM

Recently purchased Wrangler
Hi Folks,

...need some advice. I recently bought a 1998 Wrangler Sport for my Daughter. I bought it from a small Dealer who got it from an auction...warning flag. The Jeep seems o.k., but I am having my Mechanic check it out. I will know more this afternoon. The manual tranny makes noise in reverse, like something is not aligned. My Mechanic also said he notices the original shocks are on the vehicle. It has 135,000 miles. Is that odd?

Also, it has no lift with stock tires/rims, so I want to put nice 31" tires/rims with a 2" or 3" body lift. My Daughter will not be off-roading, so my effort is to just make more "cool" looking. Any thoughts?

Also, any other thoughts on what I should be mindful of? I have until tomorrow to bail out of the deal. The tranny issue bothers me. There are two error codes in the system that relate to the O2 sensor. My Mechanic will be checking that in more detail, but I hope that is nothing more than the need for a new sensor. I like the Jeep, I am a Jeep Lover, as I myself own a 1985 Renegade that I have yet to start working needed. I'm just not sure I made the right choice with the Wrangler for my Daughter. Most Jeeps that go up for sale do not last long, if they are decent. That's why I jumped on this one; maybe too soon.

RevCo666 05-14-2013 02:03 PM

Welcome to the forum! I would go with your mechanic's advice to keep/walk away since we have no pics to work with here. If your daughter is not off-roading, lifts are for clearance and running 31's(which is what I have too are just fine) you really don't need to do raise it up IMO. Other may tell you otherwise about lifting, and everyone is entitled to there opinion. Milage seems about right for the age of that jeep. Whats the price tag? Have you run a carfax on it yet?? I won't buy anything these days without checking the history of vehicle. Hope it turns out the way you want it for your daughter.

Luke59 05-14-2013 02:31 PM

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Hi RevCo666,

I do have the carfax, it showed everything as being fine. 2 previous owners. no major service records reported to carfax. I'm curious why the car is showing as dealer inventory since 5/2012. Jeeps usually sell quick,...unless there is something wrong.....hmmmm.

I bought the car for $7000. Kelly Blue book showed $5,200...I can't figure that out. Carfax said the price was +230 over retail and the dealer was asking $7995.

Thanks for the lift kit opinion. I agree, it would only be for show but, honestly, I wasn't sure if 31" tires would fit under the fenders and clear with full steering both ways with zero lift. Any advice on body lift kits to buy? or stay away form? They seem simple enough, but I don't want to buy something cheap. I will post a picture of the Jeep, as soon as I figure out how to do that! I did manage to "attach" a picture.

RevCo666 05-14-2013 03:59 PM

Dealers ALWAYS mark up the bluebook prices. Hell everyone does. I dont know anyone who was able to get the book price ever. Seems like a decent jeep. 31's are about max size for no lift. No rubbing which I can concur on. What is that on the spare tire??

Luke59 05-14-2013 04:20 PM

The thing on the spare tire is a bike rack...a very heavy duty one. The Dealer actually wanted to take it back while we were "negotiating" the price" He said he would come down another 200 if I gave him the Bike rack back. I said Daughter loves going to the beach and the bike rack will come in handy.
Thanks for the info on the 31" tires. I think I will go for a 2" Lift...just to give the Jeep a little bit of "attitude". Mechanic has the Jeep now. I expect to hear from him in a few hours. Chances are I may be returning the Jeep to the Dealer if too much stuff is wrong. The Tranny is my biggest worry. Other than that, I like the Jeep, especially since everything is stock. I can do to it what I want. My fingers are crossed. I hope I got a decent deal for $7000...not too many Jeeps around here any cheaper than that...unless, again, something is wrong with it.

RevCo666 05-14-2013 05:37 PM

Personally, I think the price is abit high but from what I understand, US prices tend to be higher for jeeps...? I paid 6500$ for my jeep, its a 2001 60th Anniversary Edition, came with 1 week old 31's wrangler territories(kinda like duratracs) new sony deck, 4 speaker plus center woofer. both tops, 4.0L with about 100K miles or for me 188K km's There was abit of rust on the fenders but I had a body man fix those instead of replacing a few weeks ago for 400$ all the rust was removed, cut out, welded a patchs back in, repaint/clearcoated where it would of cost me more the double for replacement fenders. So far owning my jeep since last summer, I'm really happy with my rig. No plans on modifying except cosmetically. Let me know if you end up keeping it or not... Just curious :)

Luke59 05-15-2013 09:38 AM

Very disappointing....the Mechanic found metal shavings in the front Diff, rear Diff, and Tranny. Oil was very clean, like someone had just changed it out. There was a weld on the exhaust header, right at the manifold that was leaking. I am returning the Jeep back to the Dealer today; they would rather get the Jeep back than to help pay for the repair work. They probably want to wait for the next sucker to come along. I should have being a Auction vehicle.
I'm back to square one. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your insight. I will be back on this forum with a new Jeep prospect.

Duckquackers 05-15-2013 09:47 AM

Luke, best of luck to ya!

Sassie 06-22-2013 10:08 PM

Hi, I recently purchased my first Jeep Wrangler 2013..2door..I love it...however, I thought with a hardtop you shouldn't be hearing wind noise on top on drivers this something I should have checked out with Jeep/Chrysler?
Also, want to purchase a personalized spare tire cover along with wheel locks. Anything online I can check out?

Thank you!

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