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wants_a_jeep 05-14-2013 03:53 PM

Outside Hardtop Lift concept
I Have a JKUR and want a easier way to remove the hard top. I made this sketch on microsoft paint and dropped it off at the metal shop to see if they can make it and for what cost.

Still editing it but this is the basic idea. I have a 8x8 concrete pad on the side of my shed and would set the lower pole next to sit. The whole upper poll will rotate in the lower one. The lower pipe will have a bottom capon it and will be in 3 feet deep of concrete and 16 inches in diameter. The concrete footer will be 6 inches under ground so I can cut the pipe and cover it up with dirt if I move.

The upper Pole will sleeve into the lower one semi tight about 1/4 inch of difference. The upper pole will be about 7 feet clearence. (might go higher but jeep is just over 6ft tall) There will be a Hand winch mounted to the upper pole on the 5x5 inch plate. Found a 1k lb winch at Harbor freight for $20.

Thats my idea atm still working on it if you have any idea's or comments please feel free to share. This idea come up after having my uncle almost drop the hardtop helping remove it. I don't have a garage so it has to be outside.

JeepCreeper 05-14-2013 04:08 PM

I'm looking for something similar. My garage has too much stuff to get the jeep in, and I really don't want to mount anything inside the garage anyway. I don't have any reliable, close by, friends to help get the top off so I need a single person solution. Yours is looking very attractive. My nephew can weld, I can dig and pour concrete, I have a hand winch... PROJECT! :D

Davidramil03 05-15-2013 08:29 PM

Really like the concept. Would love to know how it turns out and approx cost

justin-branam 05-16-2013 10:20 AM

This concept is more or less the same as the hitch mounted game hoist, just on a bigger scale. I was looking at the same kind of idea. Here is a link for one of the game lifts, and that should give you a visual. They can lift 400+ pounds, so with the added length of the top bar, you should still be able to lift the top without too much of an issue.

ForEverlast Hitch Hoist : Cabela's

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