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97TJInSC 05-15-2013 07:50 PM

JKS motor mount and body lift
I hard a difficult time installing a jks 1"motor mount today. The instructions said to use a jack on the transmission or transfer case. My main concern was the angle seemed to be needing to be jacked in the front of the motor- the front hole needed to be higher than the rear hole of the motor mount frame. It used a 4 foot pry bar and a hammer, but it's installed. I felt this was excessive, but I tried to be nice for hours.
I tried to install these before the body lift because I had limited time and wanted to get the daunting one first. I didn't get it, so I put the stock back in, then installed the 1 1/4" JKS body lift thinking that could change things. It didn't. Same problems later.
Also that AC was supposed to be in the way of the cross bolt. It wasn't even near it. 97tj 4.0.

It all seems good, but was wondering if anyone else ran into a bad angle problem like this.

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