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gimp5561 05-15-2013 09:40 PM

mojave trail road info
lookin for any info on the mojave trail outside barstow CA area
how long will it take too do the trail ??
how long is it ??
be ok to do solo ??
anywhere to buy fuel close ??
where to buy food ??
have a 2005 rubicon unlimited with 2.5 lift 32 in tires an a 8000 lb winch an all the normal stuff jack,sparetire,tow rope,extra parts, what more do i need if anything ??

goin camping 05-15-2013 11:18 PM

1, Your jeep is way more than you'll need for the trail. It's a dirt road.

2, Most take three days which gives you plenty of time to see the sights.

3, Most go from the Colorado river to where it ends at the 15 north of Barstow.

4, great book which someone else I'm sure has the title too. Can't find my copy. Tells you everything.

5, You can do it solo but a partner is always better in the desert. Kinda like scuba diving.

6, If memory serves it's about 130 miles with fuel at both ends.

7, If you want to eat or drink while on the trail. Bring it with you.

yomondo 05-16-2013 10:55 AM

I highly recommend reading this book before going for the first time.

Mojave Road Guide

Use the book to plan your trip and your stops. Carry it with you on the trail as a reference.

I like to do the trail in 3 days, stop at many of the sites, relax and enjoy the scenery and the 2 nights of camping.

It's about 140 miles, depending on where exactly you start and end, and what side trips you take. Add about another 10 miles to go from gas station to gas station. Gas/food is available along the way if you're willing to take a bit of a side trip to get it, but I prefer instead to bring an extra 5 gallons of gasoline and more than enough food/water for the entire trip.

I would recommend not going alone. The trail is easy, any stock Jeep can do it, but you'll be deep in the middle of nowhere, and breakdowns can happen anytime. The last two times I did this trail, someone had battery problems. I've heard of others overheating along the way.

In addition to the stuff you listed, bring extra fluids for the Jeep (coolant, engine oil, etc.) and extra gasoline. If you have an extra battery, bring that too. Catholes are no longer allowed in the Mojave National Preserve, so portable toilets and wag bags are required. And if you happen to have a group of more than 6 vehicles or 14 people, you'll need to get a special use permit.

gimp5561 05-17-2013 07:06 AM

thanks for the info,book is on its way
so 5 days would give me plenty of time to look around
does anyone know if i can pull a trailer in the park ??
in the east you cannot have a trailer on some nat. park trails
i have worked for 22 year as a jeep tech in a dealership so yes i have all the extra parts.

any time of the year better ??

yomondo 05-17-2013 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by gimp5561 (Post 3764670)
does anyone know if i can pull a trailer in the park ??

Someone in my group last year was pulling a trailer. It's possible, but you would want some type of offroad hitch that allows for lots of flexing and tilting. If the trailer is heavy, it would also help to have brakes on the trailer because at one point there's a steep drop-off into a wash, and the trailer could end up pushing you down the hill.


Originally Posted by gimp5561 (Post 3764670)
any time of the year better ??

I've gone in November and in April. November was pretty cold at night and very windy, plus the days were shorter. I like spring time. The days are longer, the nights are very comfortable, the flowers are blooming, and the scenery has more green (as opposed to brown in November).

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