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Double1a90 05-15-2013 11:03 PM

My YJ - Slow and Steady Wins the Race
I bought my 1990 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L Manual Transmission about a week ago.
I immediately began the tear down for my slow but extensive rebuild.
I will initially get as much as I can done, but it is going to be my daily driver so once I am done my interior refresh I will have to take my time to really get it where I want it to be.

Before Pics

Day I Brought it home. Rough but ready to to be brought back to life.

Will post soon with all current projects underway as well as plans for the future.

Squirrel 442 05-15-2013 11:34 PM

Looks like a good platform! Remember the stages it will go something like this:

:dance:>:confused:>$$>:D>:confused:>$$>:eek:>$$:do h:>>:D>:banghead:>$$>:confused:>$$>:eek:>:banghead :>:D=:dance:

If you get a :surrender: symbol post on the forum and we'll help you out.

Once again Congrats!

The Silver Gorilla 05-15-2013 11:36 PM


Double1a90 05-16-2013 10:26 AM

Update #1 Tear Down
First thing to do:
-------------TEAR EVERYTHING OUT--------------
I will be laying down Bedliner in the tub - lots of coats good thick layer For toughness and good looks

BY THE WAY !!! I found $31.49 in change scattered throughout the jeep :punk:
Seats out, Finding Random things : Armor All, Busted mirror, Girls hair clips, Cigar wrappers
Look at those awful speaker boxes - I have big important plans in that area
Got it naked to make my life a little easier
My soft top and purple skateboard getting a tan
Would you look at that! Not so bad only some surface rust, but as you soon will see I am the rust pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Getting the pesky dash out, Have some plans running through the mill for that as well
Got it all out but now my windshield won't line up properly :facepalm:
Pretty sure I am not supposed to have that gap

Double1a90 05-16-2013 10:30 AM

Interior Plans and Projects to come
Again for my flooring I will be laying down bedliner I love that stuff
I have grinded all of my metal mounts down and treated them, They will be a flat black (pics soon). I Will be building new speaker boxes with some good little speakers left over from a Honda build of mine. I Like audio so it is a must. I will be doing some mounting to the inner tailgate, And have a hopefully successful Idea for that dash pad. I will keep posting 1 project at a time until my interior is done. Then on to exterior. Then finally I can enjoy my new machine

petercass88 05-16-2013 05:01 PM

Lots of great pictures!! I like this build thread already!

Matt10 05-16-2013 10:28 PM

Subscribed! Keep the pics coming!

Attilathecanuk 05-17-2013 09:33 AM

I too am liking this thread! Looks like that jeep found a good owner!

Double1a90 05-17-2013 10:52 AM

Junk yard parts!!!
I stopped by the local U-Pull-It
Found some interior pieces that are missing from my interior.
All in great condition - meaning able to be brought back to life.
I of course keep getting caught in the excitement and going straight for the kill (project)
I forgot before pictures but here they are!
Shift Boot!! Cleaned with simple soap and water. needs some more scrubbing but it looks 100% better already at this point.
The innards - again not caked in caterpillar cocoons, so much better.
The ever useless visors!
Simple green will take care of that stickyness
Will be dying these black. Going with the slow switchover on upholstery from grey to black. Since these are not a heavy wear part i will be going with dye
Shifty things! I won't be using the regular shift knob it simply felt weird to take one without the other.

All of this at a U-pull-It junk yard. If you don't use them yet you better start!!
Typically 1 Dollar to go in and look around and I paid 10 dollars for all of these parts. I'd say 11 dollars is a sweet deal wouldn't you?:punk:

Double1a90 05-17-2013 11:10 AM

Take some lessons in Plastic Trim Painting
I just hate the grey interior,
Tan is nice but black is where it is at.
I Therefore paint. There is no need for new panels, no need for special paints. It is all about the prep work.
For interior panels the key is TriSodium Phosphate
That good stuff will take off all the grease, goo, gunk, dirt, cleaners, protectants, whatever!
And it leaves the surface completely free of all chemicals.
Next you scuff - SCUFF!!!! Not sand, That is if you still want that nice stock texture to your panels.
Then Your Choice of paint. There is no such thing as fancy paint because when that prepwork is done right anything should stick and never flake
I know the light panel looks like Sugar Honey Iced Tea, but I am not aware of a good way to bring that back to life as of yet.
The Pictures don't do the paint any justice, but I went with a Dupli-Color Trim Black paint.
I know I know I said there is no fancy paint, but Dupli-Color have pretty good automotive colors for a great price.
I have to Clean out those tape marks from the creases between the gauge surround. I wanted to keep those the stock black color. There is a difference to me as ridiculous as it may seem
Whoever cut that radio hole did a shoddy job, but I will be leaving it that way because it works as is I guess. But I will always know it is there and it will always bother me deep down.
I don't know what that red light is, but it was there and I kind of like it. So it stays.

I also Did the Glove box section, but I really want the tuffy security box So I doubt that I will actually reinstall that piece. I Will post pictures later anyway.

Nubby55 05-17-2013 06:49 PM

Mines got the Red Light also, when I had a Radio installed I asked the guy, he said an old security system, may be Dealer add on it we both have the same Red Light!

Double1a90 05-18-2013 06:32 PM

Some Updates
For Starters I died my visors black
I used SEM Vinyl Coat. If you have not used it and are curious the stuff is great. You can not mess up with it and it is very durable. I used it on my previous build.

I don't know what the marks in the photo are because I am not seeing them on the visors.

I also went ahead and grinded, primed, sprayed my interior metal peices a flat black.
I think it will look nice over the bedliner
For tailgate
I'll eventually get the hang of this camera thing
Some rough spots around the holes but im not stressing the small stuff that won't be seen
Some other peices done. Sorry for the strange picture arrangement. We are also re-doing the entire interior of the house currently so the garage is filled with everything other than car parts. Leaving me with the laundry room for storage
Did the base of my seat mounts
Will probably spring to get some new belts what do you think? :nonono:
Got a mirror because there wasn't one at all. I sprung for the 10". Maybe a little wide but I like it and think it could possibly come in handy
Some other peices, cleaned the gauges. Kegurator is now a shelf until reno is done.
Goodies for a LOOOOONNNNGGGGGGGGGG Overdue tune up.
Got them all for free from a little hook-up I have
Nothing special want to make it run well before I get into the fancy performance pieces.
Got these for up front. Figured I might as well replace them while the dash is removed. Eliminate later headaches
Had these leftover from a previous build. Amazing sound quality try boston acoustic's out they know what they are doing. I will be building my boxes with these.

Double1a90 05-18-2013 06:37 PM

More updates
The Glove box - I hate it, I hate the way it looks in general, but I also hate how poor of a job I did painting it. I have to be honest it was quite difficult getting inside the tray without runs or drips.

I will definitely be going with a tuffy security glove box because this just does not suit my needs or desires in the looks department.

Don't judge me :angel: I know this isn't the best quality stuff out there. I got the kit for 10 dollars from a good friend and you just can't beat that. I firmly believe in quality of prep work improving quality of results so I'll just hope and see how it comes out. If worse comes to worse I will simply add additional coats.

Hopefully the weather will let up so I can begin!:hide:

petercass88 05-18-2013 07:13 PM

I am really excited for the bed liner, I am debating doing a bed liner as well. Right now I haven't seen a good quality thread to go off of to boost my confidence on that task! Keep up the awesome build thread! :popcorn:

Dac7529 05-19-2013 10:42 AM

I used herculiner myself 10 years ago and it hasn't chipped or flaked at all a little wear around the pedals but other than that nothing. Just thought I'd mention that. Keep on going I started mine along time ago and am still tweak in on it.

Double1a90 05-19-2013 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Dac7529 (Post 3770859)
I used herculiner myself 10 years ago and it hasn't chipped or flaked at all a little wear around the pedals but other than that nothing. Just thought I'd mention that. Keep on going I started mine along time ago and am still tweak in on it.

Nice its good to here someone who has had it long term. All I hear are the 1-2 year horror stories. I figured it really can't be as bad as people say.

Double1a90 05-19-2013 11:45 AM

I woke up bright and early 5am today, was going to prep the tub and roll on my bedliner. Instead it is raining in South Jersey just like it has been since I bought the Jeep 2 weeks ago and will be for the next week. I have been running outside during good sun periods to get things done. I need a carport.

In other news I had 6 Phillies tickets for today that are going to waste. I only live 5 minutes from the Stadium but i'm not paying the 5 dollar bridge toll to watch a Mediocre team in the rain. Face it Phils fans it will be a few years before they are back in the playoffs.

So today has become a giant waste and disappointment.

Double1a90 05-19-2013 04:21 PM

White flag help!!
:surrender::surrender::surrender::surrender::surre nder::surrender::surrender::surrender::surrender:: surrender:

I need to know if anyone knows a quick and easy way to remove these adhesives

Or anyway at all for that matter.

Also the stickyness leftover from velcro patches of carpet.
This Spot will need a lot more love than I really expected before I can get into the bedliner stage.

My Dash in flat black. I only did what jeep did or what can actually be seen. I know with the short cut, but the entire dash has become a headache for me. I may calm down about it and finish correctly before reassembly but I really just don't know.

Did the steering column with the trim black. Only did to that point but I think it looks like it is supposed to be that way. The line is perfectly straight all the way around very clean.

Other side of my flat black dash. With that fancy new windshield gap.
If someone knows of a solution for that I would like to know please.

Also are there grommets or some kind of cover for these holes?

That is all I could really get into today with this weather.

xjrjrx 05-19-2013 05:23 PM

Angle grinder maybe with a flap disc they remove just about everything I used a razor blade to clear my adhesive in the tranny cover

Double1a90 05-21-2013 07:24 PM

Bed Liner !
Did my bedliner since the Sun showed its face yesterday and today. I could not be any happier the pictures don't do it any justice. I will try and capture better pictures before the complete reassembly.
all the marks showing on the liner are pollen or grass I had to clean up constantly it is so bad right now. I should have got a car port or something.
I began putting things back in that is why the belts are hanging.
Even did up the fire wall. Wanted the entire interior covered other than the cage. I am getting new bars and hardware because mine are so rusty I just don't understand how they haven't actually broke out.

Also does anyone know where to get new drain plugs?

ChicoJeepy 05-22-2013 01:44 AM

Keep it up man! Loving the build so far :)

petercass88 05-22-2013 09:58 PM

Bed liner looks great! Stupid question here... how did you mask off any holes to avoid covering them with bed liner for things such as the holes to bolt in the seats etc.? Did you leave the dash in when you went up the firewall and just mask it off?

Double1a90 05-23-2013 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by petercass88 (Post 3783912)
Bed liner looks great! Stupid question here... how did you mask off any holes to avoid covering them with bed liner for things such as the holes to bolt in the seats etc.? Did you leave the dash in when you went up the firewall and just mask it off?

I dropped golf tees in the holes. I removed them between coats. I forgot 2 tees and they got stuck i simply got under the Jeep and popped them up from there and it didn't mess anything up.
I also had everything up front out to paint the firewall. It was a pain in the a#$ and I don't recommend going that far. After all was said and done simply removing the pedals and masking everything else would have worked.

Jpond53 05-24-2013 11:24 PM

The bed liner looks nice inside! Great job so far!

Double1a90 05-27-2013 08:42 PM

Did a pretty lot a work today.
Only one pic to post so far. Not too many things to actually photograph.
First of all I have never done any sort of repair at all whatsoever to any cars of mine. Not because it seemed too hard, but more because of the extra time it would take if I failed. That being said I changed the Oil, new filter drain plug and gasket. New spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, battery wires, battery tie down, tps sensor, pcv valve, thermostat and gasket, radiator hoses and clamps, changed and flushed coolant, air filter, fuel filter, all new brake fluid, brake pads and shoes.
All that by myself, no leaks, no failure, nothing!! And it runs 1000 times better than before it all.
I know they aren't the hardest repairs to do but I am proud I actually got through it all.

I will be on in a half hour with some pictures not many though

Double1a90 06-05-2013 09:24 PM

Small Update
So I Got Some more things done, First of All I Did a MAJOR tune up.
- Oil, Filter, Drain Plug, Gasket
- Coolant, Rad Hoses, Clamps, Rad Cap, Thermostat
- Distributor Cap, Rotor, Wires, Spark Plugs
- PCV Valve, Vacuum Lines, Battery Tie Down
- Air Filter, Fuel Filter
- Brake Fluid, Steering Fluid, Washer Fluid
- Gear Oil, Trans Fluid

I will also be doing the transfer case as a total rebuild.
If there is anything else anyone knows that I could do just to be safe I would appreciate it. Just these simple things has my Jeep starting right up for a change and running smooth and quiet.

I mounted some tailgate tools, Will be mounting my Extinguisher on the rear wheel well, as well as tow strap and chain so that there will still be space available for storage.

Old Grille

New Grille Flat Black

Hate it if you will but I love the way this looks and will be leaving my eyelids white.

New steering wheel, horn button has been on backorder for a month now. No Biggie I'm patient. Hooking up the horn was ridiculous considering the previous owner had their own button installed and even that didn't work, But after about 30 different forum reads I figured out the correct way and am willing to direct anyone in the dark.

This was a huge fail. Fiberglassing is hard I ended up buying a new dash on Ebay that is yet to come, Will be dying that black with the SEM Dye that I love so much.

Near Future Projects:
- Build Speaker Boxes
- Install LEDS in gauges for actual nighttime visibility
- FAB up my own switch panel in the remains of the so-called ashtray
- Reinstall Dash with new components including Tuffy Security Glove Box (pics soon) Its pretty neat
- Reinforce my new VDP Deluxe Ultimate Locking Console
- Birthday in a week wife buying the remainder of goodies and my interior shall finally be done. . . . . . . until I want MOAR

Also Just ordered all of the components to FAB up my own Homemade snorkel.
I will do a full write up on that project with actual consistent pictures.

Double1a90 06-23-2013 08:31 AM

Small update
Got my interior closer to actually looking like an interior!
Went with the bulbs from for all of my gauges and the light behind the HVAC controls.

Those goofy blue ones were stock the clear ones are the new guys and boy do they look good at night. I went with the red and couldnt be happier. I also cleaned up the actual gauges

Painted the cover flat black (it was covered in rust and white stuff)

Well I think that is something to make up for a huge mess up of mine
A dashboard! Great now I can clean up that mistake of mine.

Dyed it black. I love the SEM Products!

Anybody want that giant explorer box? I want it gone.

Where those goodies go?!
There's something, but that can't be all of it!

Double1a90 06-23-2013 08:38 AM
Oh here is some more.

Grenade shifter, also got my install kit and horn button for steering wheel. I will be posting pictures of that adventure for future reference.
My first time out yesterday. I am addicted.

I also have an instruction thread for how to rebuild my TBI more for my reference but I figured I will throw it on here in case anyone else could use it., But overall I think it is coming alone

vetteonr 06-23-2013 09:11 AM

What a great build thread. I love the step by step photos. I did notice you got rid of your white eyelids. I know what you mean about the blue lights in the dash. That's the first thing I did to mine. You do know that they're just a film cover on the bulbs, right? I just slid them right off. My dash is nice and bright now.

Great job on the build. Keep the photos coming!

Michigan jeeper 06-23-2013 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Double1a90 (Post 3890656)
Oh here is some more.

Grenade shifter, also got my install kit and horn button for steering wheel. I will be posting pictures of that adventure for future reference.

My first time out yesterday. I am addicted.

I also have an instruction thread for how to rebuild my TBI more for my reference but I figured I will throw it on here in case anyone else could use it., But overall I think it is coming alone

Where did you get that steering wheel? I want on!

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