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Kiddmen57 05-16-2013 10:32 PM

Overland Expo 2013
Heading up from Tucson tomorrow at noon. Anyone else on the forums going? Jeep will be there and may have one or two of their concept vehicles. AEV and a bunch of other vendors are going to be there.

It's at Mormon Lake if anyone is interested.

Overland Expo - Overland Expo 2013

Kiddmen57 05-21-2013 12:59 PM

I left out of Tucson with no destination in mind..... Oh wait, I did have a destination, OX13 in Mormon Lake, Az!

Left Tucson around 12:30 Friday afternoon with a campsite near Perry Lake Pit as our home away from home for the night. Arrived a few hours later to a pretty breezy but cool afternoon in the pines. Quickly set up the tent, gathered firewood, shored up the fire pit, and explored on foot for a while before starting dinner.

Perry Lake Pit, just few miles from OX13. Unfortunately a local shooting site where people do not clean up after themselves very well. Personally this ticks me off because it closes these areas down for us responsible recreators (shooters included).

Getting the fire started just before sundown. Luckily the wind subsided quickly after sunset and we were able to enjoy the fire even more.

Got up the next morning, ate a quick breakfast and broke camp. Had about an hour to kill so we decided to explore a bit around the pit.

Then it was on to the expo.

Fox had a rather large bypass shock on display, quite impressive.

AT Overland had a nice assortment of trailers along with a couple JK's sporting full setups. Chatted about slide mechanisms for a bit before moving on.

Of course I HAD to swing by the Overland Journal trailer and grab some goodies. Ended up with a couple shirts, stickers, and a patch. Checked on my subscription and I'm good thru summer 2014. Renew at OX14!

Saw a very nice Brute TJ that I recognize from a few ads in the magazines...

Stopped by SoCal Teardrops and oggled a beautifully equipped Krawler. I think one of these was just added to y list.

AEV was well represented, whether by their own booth, in the day pass parking, the campsites, or the Mountain Khakis tour BDC.

Kiddmen57 05-21-2013 12:59 PM

This is a twin of my Jeep in the parking lot. It's just missing the AEV bumpers. Of course my AEV gear is yet to come. it was very hard not to sit and stare at what mine will become soon.

Watched a demo on how to right a rolled vehicle using three vehicles as anchor points.

Now I was getting hungry. Stopped by the main food tent for a delicious burger with pasta salad. Very good hospitality I must say.
With that it was time to head back home. Until next year......

JRW7072009 09-20-2013 12:06 PM

Cool pics, I'm planning on going to the 2014 Expo.

Matt13 09-23-2013 11:25 AM

Thanks for sharing

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