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NS Jeep 05-17-2013 06:52 AM

Two wires
So I thought I knew what I need to hook up a set of OEM fog lights, silly me.

I bought a set of second hand fog lights from a guy who removed them from his TJ, they work fine, maybe too fine. Before I did anything, I set up my battery charger and determined which wire (one blue, one black, no stripes) was ground and which wire was power. Apparently both are ground and power, no matter which wire I hook up, I get power to the lights, how come? Is this correct or do I have some sort of weird light thing going on?

From there, all I intend to do is hook up a power wire to the fuse panel, ground wire (s), relay, switch and poof, we have light. Right?

sparky 05-17-2013 08:36 PM

Lights really arn't polorized. You need to find which wire connects to the frame of the lights, if any. Are they metal housing or plastic. Easiest way is to take them apart and look.

From the color code, most likely the black is ground, but it's best to check.

NS Jeep 05-19-2013 07:13 AM

Thanks for the come back Sparky.

They are stock jeep fog lights off a TJ and have black plastic housings. Two wires coming out of each light, one blue, one black. On my bench, I tried each wire and again, it doesn't matter which wire is hooked up to the power source, or ground, they light up.

My greatest experience with lights is from my motorcycling days so I am quite aware black is "normally" the ground wire, so that is what I am going with, using the blue as the power wire.

I have installed them the bumpers and have run the wires up to the engine compartment, now all I have to do is wire them in to the fuse panel, switch, relay, in line fuse etc.

I have never seen this situation before, but my experience is limited.

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