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MikalCarbine 05-17-2013 11:07 PM

Water/dirt in crankcase
I went wheeling on Sunday and did a few mud/water holes, got stuck in a mud hole twice. They were too deep but apparently deep enough, on the way home I noticed my oil pressure was a little wacky, too low at times and then when I went to move my jeep into the garage later it skyrocketed to 80+ as soon as I turned it on.

I did some reading and decided to start with cleaning the oil pressure sending unit connector but I think I cleaned the wrong connector. The oil didn't appear milky on the dipstick but I decided to do an oil change and it came out pretty muddy/milky looking. After the oil change I am getting a knocking noise around 2500+ rpm and the engine feels really rough but the oil pressure is *mostly* normal. During a cold start it sounds like a knocking\bearing noise that goes away quickly. Today when starting her up the oil pressure stuck at zero until I blipped the throttle and then it began to rise. What are some next steps I should take? This is what I was thinking:

1) Clean the actual oil pressure sending unit. (I don't think this is the problem because when the oil pressure is really low the engine sounds/runs like crap)

2) Do another oil change/cleanse crankcase with MMO or Seafoam or similar? After letting the engine sit overnight with the new oil the dipstick had a weird pattern of dirt mix with the fresh oil so I think it is still dirty inside

3) Compression check

4) Pull oil pan and inspect, I'd likely just replace the RMS which has been leaking slightly and the oil pump at this time

Any suggestions?

MikalCarbine 05-18-2013 09:29 AM


sparky 05-18-2013 05:25 PM

If you got dirt/mud in your oil, then it did not stay in the pan. It got pumped to the top of the engine. Looks like time for a rebuild.

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