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Tom 06TJ 05-18-2013 08:00 PM

Help installing hard top wiring
Got a 2001 hardtop for my 2006 TJ. Got the right OEM harness for the '06, so I know I need to get a different plug to mate with the '01 top. I'm searching for one at a junkyard. That's not my problem today. I got everything installed and come to the part where you have to insert wires into plug 24 and 25. I have three mating plugs in the location called out on the instructions, but none of them match the configuration shown in the instructions. Can anybody provide insight? Thanks
Tom 06TJ

RUBI 4 MY MRS 05-18-2013 10:25 PM

As I remember from doing my '05 & looking at the instructions, there are 2 connectors attached to the body, one above the other. The lower of the 2 has about 40 pins & would be #25. Then there is a loose connector more or less next to the other 2 that is white & has about 24-26 pins in it. That is #24. There should be open holes in the positions shown to insert the wires into. The way to check is to look at the other side of the connectors. There should be a matching wire there for each one installed (going to the relay you installed in #14).

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