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crazyjz 05-19-2013 09:16 AM

Soft top
I am on my second jeep with a soft top, my first one a 97 sport I could pull up or down in under 5 minutes no problem. However my new one a 98 sport it takes me 15 minutes or more to pull to up down still isn't a problem but I never need to do that in a hurry. Right now I have my doors off and all three windows in storage, so just with the top I cannot get it to latch by my self. Even if I put all my weight on it... Is there a way to adjust it so it is not so tight?

Riptide63 05-19-2013 11:46 AM

I latch the front first, then pull downward on the rear bow to attach the rear corners. It's backward from what I've read on some places, but that's the way I've been doing it for years.

lindel 05-19-2013 03:10 PM


This! That's how I always did the stock top. Seemed to be the easiest way and it always worked.

crazyjz 05-20-2013 01:47 AM

Worked like a charm! Thanks guys!!

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