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RGKHarrison 05-19-2013 03:59 PM

Broken tab on rear window defroster
Searched and couldn't find anyone with this issue...
Previous owner managed to snap one of the little metal tabs on the rear window defroster hookup with the hardtop. There is one on each side that you connect wires to in order for the defroster to work. Not much of a big deal but I tend to get pretty particular about having everything in a vehicle working the way it is supposed to...

So anyway, it is the metal tab itself that is actually mounted on the window that is broken off - and I have the metal tab (was lodged in the clip still). Anybody have ideas on how to fix this?

WVU Mountainman 05-19-2013 04:08 PM

Doctor Defroster 05-23-2013 04:07 PM

Yes RGK I feel your pain on tab that have separated from the defroster. Since I work for a company that makes defroster repair kits I get to see a lot damaged defrosters and some are just spectacular.

If the metal defroster tab is in good shape which it sounds like yours is all you need to do is reattach the tab to the defroster. This needs to be done with something that provides good electrical conductivity as defrosters pull a lot of amps. Any resistance in the tab/defroster bond will cause the junction to heat up when the defroster is switched on sometimes with exciting results.

If the tab pulled some defroster with it when it came off I use the 2000 Frost Fighter Tab Bonding Kit which is a two part silver adhesive designed for defroster tab bonding and repair. Mix, apply, cure and your back on the road. See the link below,

Frost Fighter 2000 Defroster Tab Bonding Kits

If the defroster tab is broken there are several designs to choose from on the Frost Fighter site as well. Same goes for the defroster connectors.

Good luck and happy trails.

Neil F. 05-23-2013 07:40 PM

Get the frost fighter. Its not cheap but it holds great. I tried Permatex and it was crap.

RGKHarrison 05-24-2013 03:21 PM


My tab is actually broken in half - the entire mounting piece that sits flush on the window is still there and attached to the window but the little metal piece that sticks out has broken off into the clip.

I looked up reviews on the Loctite and Permatex repairs and they both sounded pretty hopeless.
I'm thinking I should try to pull off the piece that is still on the window and just replace that entire metal piece?

Looking through that site it appears I would need this: Frost Fighter 2000 Defroster Tab Bonding Kits
As well as one of the complete tabs. I'm not sure which tab though... and any suggestions on removing the broken piece still attached to the window?

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