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jkrubi883 05-19-2013 05:40 PM

old man emu 4inch lift.
I did a search on here looking if anyone has put this lift on their rig or not?

If anyone has let me know what you think about it?

jkmohican 05-19-2013 06:46 PM

I can't help you with that... But I must ask, what size tires are you trying to run with that lift?

jkrubi883 05-19-2013 07:11 PM

Well to be honest I've been debating on a 2 inch long arm ome kit.. and then this 4 inch comes out and was wondering do you have to replace the driveshafts or is it a pretty complete kit. 35's is what I'll run on which ever lift. I know the 2 inch will clear 35's from what I read.

Actually me and my brother are going back and forth and he is saying anything over 3.5 you need front and rear drive shafts..north ridge says 2012 jeeps need front drive shaft only.. so I'm a bit confused

kjeeper10 05-19-2013 07:17 PM

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3.5"-4" you will eventually need them. Front 2 door and four. Rear 2 door.

JTPhoto JK 05-19-2013 07:24 PM

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If the intent is 90% on road and 35" tires, stick with a quality 2.5-3" lift at max. 2.5" is more them enough for 35" and stock fenders. Better and cheaper in the long run and will handle and ride much better.

jkrubi883 05-19-2013 07:24 PM

So stick with a 2.5 to 3?

jkrubi883 05-19-2013 08:12 PM


JTPhoto JK 05-19-2013 08:28 PM

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You bet.

2.5" TeraFlex with 35" Pitbulls ( true 35").

jkrubi883 05-19-2013 08:40 PM

Gonna try and dish the money out for ome long arm

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