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Rooster76 05-20-2013 04:14 AM

How to Break a Tire Bead and Reset It - Mud Creating a Slow Leak
When I was washing all the mud off after wheeling I heard a hiss. The water on the wheel was pointing out a slow leak. It's from right were the wheel weight is on the bead. My wheels are pretty new so it's not due to the wheel weight corroding. I learned that is rather common with older cars creating bead leaks. I aired down to 15 psi (when wheeling) so I'm almost certain that it's mud in the bead. I got pretty lucky that it was the driver front wheel, and I needed to do a tire rotation anyways.

I did a search and couldn't find any threads, so I figured I would start this one with my notes. Please leave any tips because I haven't actually fixed the leak just yet.

I have read that some tire places will fix a flat for free, and someone got them to fix their bead for free. Other's have paid $20. I personally would rather save the money and figure out how to do it myself.

Before breaking the bead it's not a bad idea to mark where the valve stem is on the tire. This will help you keep the wheel weights in the right spots if the tire was to rotate for some reason (or you were taking the tire off). Of course a tire shop can re balance them if needed. Harbor Freight also has a bubble wheel balance tool (I cannot say how great it is). Portable Wheel Balancer

You might not have to take the full bead off. You can find the leak spot the best with 50% water and soap mix. Just water works too.

  1. Use a special press tool
  2. Use a hi-lift base while jacking up rock rail or bumper. I have also seen a standard jack work also with the same technique.
    (this is a really good video)*
    Video Note: it is a good idea to use air to blow out any dirt around the bead before resetting it. How To: De-Bead Tire off Rim with High Lift Jack - YouTube

    Nothing special about this video. Just another view of breaking the bead
    How to break the bead of a tire with a hi-lift HD 1080p - YouTube
  3. Drive onto the tire- He also mentions the following tips
    I did not mention it in the comments but be sure to remove all the air from the tire first. This is easily done by removing the valve stem core.
    Also be sure tire is clean before you reset it. Then after airing it back up, check for leaks by leaving the tire on its side and pour some soapy water in the groove and look for bubbles. If you have leaks pop it back off and clean it with a damp rag.

    Easy De-Bead Then Re-Bead a Tire - YouTube
  4. Use a hi-lift extreme or Jack-mate accessory to clamp it. I didn't find any good examples of this.

A a ratchet strap (tie down) can be placed around the center of the tire to help with getting the seal started.
How to Reseat a Bead on a Tire - YouTube

Here they use dish-washing soap and water around the tires bead to help set the bead. There was another long winded video (not shown) where he suggested to just use 100% dishwasher soap.
Resetting a Tire Bead on The Trail - YouTube
Igniting flammable spray method (must watch)
Resetting A Bead On The Trail - YouTube
How to put a tire on its bead in under 30 seconds! - YouTube
Here is another with the fire method. This time with carborator cleaner. Go to 3:30 to skip to the good part.
How To : Fire Bead Lock Tire Seating - YouTube

kjeeper10 05-20-2013 04:46 AM

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SilverSport 05-20-2013 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by kjeeper10 (Post 3773606)

I vote sticky! :thumb:

Rooster76 05-20-2013 07:25 PM

Problem Fixed
I used the hi-lift to break the bead and there was hella mud in there. After useing the air compressor with a blow adapter, and tons of rubbing I got it all out. It fixed the slow leak problem. I made some videos of it. Hopefully they come out good enough to post. I didn't have any problems at all setting the bead back with no soap or anything. I would just make super sure to keep your fingers out of there when airing up. It pops on like a gun shot.

whetstone 05-20-2013 08:26 PM

It's good to know how to do things like this, but after having done it a time or two $20 bucks seems like a pretty good price :)

rvator 05-20-2013 08:37 PM

When I was a poor high school kid driving a 71 Bronco. I used to mount my own used tires myself. I would remove the valve core and drive up on the sidewall with my dads truck to unseat the bead. I always had 8inch wheels with 12.50 tires so they were easy to inflate.

Rooster76 05-24-2013 08:46 AM

Uploaded My Video
Here is a quick video I made of how I cleaned the mud off the rim. I'm not sure youTube needs another video of this, but it gave me a reason to learn some Premier video editing skills.
Fix Tire Bead Leak - Caused by Mud When Aired Down - YouTube
Here is a video I made of the day I went wheeling and got mud in there. Most of it is a creak run. I think the mud got in when I went over a small rock garden later that day. I have a good amount to learn about picking lines.
Go Topless Day - Badlands - 2013 MJC (Part 1) - YouTube

MI JeepSkate 05-24-2013 09:55 AM

Im a service tech at discount tire, we do free flat repairs and most of the time free rotations, to earn your business later on down the road. im no stranger to seating beads, and its really not all that hard.
first off, how bad is it? can you visually see the bead of the tire back and headed into the barrel of the wheel? if you can, air it up and keep going to about 90 PSI to try and seat it. BE CAREFUL when airing up that high as the tire itself can explode and keep that wheel on the vehicle so if it does explode itll have no where to go (think of a rocket taking off) theres a video on youtube of the devestation that can cause so use extreme caution.

Secondly, if the bead is already seated and theres no visible signs of it headibng towards the barrel, you probably have something in between the rim flange and the bead of your tire and youll either need to break that down your self or have one of my fellow co workers do it for you free of charge at any discount tire location

best of luck

SilverSulfide 01-22-2014 04:14 PM

I've been to Discount Tire (twice now) and they seem to fix my slow leak (each time). They take the tire off, sand around the rim, then reset/reseal the tire.
But the next time I air down for off roading, and air back up, the slow leak appears. It's only on one tire.
Any advice?

Anonymous Coward 01-22-2014 05:17 PM

I have had a set of TyrePliers for about 10 years, first with my old TJ and now with my JK, honestly I would never go back to any other method. IMO they are a must have for the trail as you can not only quickly and safely unseat beads (to clean the bead, replace a torn valve stem, or patch a tire), but along with a pair of tire irons it becomes very easy and quick to break a whole tire down off the rim. Stow away easily in your Jeep for the trail too.

Well worth the $160 IMO for this tool:

Product : Extreme Outback

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