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RedWranglerMike 05-20-2013 01:24 PM

97' TJ Reverse lights
My reverse lights have been out on my Wrangler for over a year now. Its overdue for inspection, hence the reason i haven't been driving it. Really would like to get it inspected so i can get back behind the wheel. I first suspected the switch on the passenger side of the transmission, when i put the new one in it still didn't work. I made a jumper wire to "jump the switch" and still nothing when you put it in reverse. I believe i'm getting power to the switch. (its been a while since i messed with it) I removed my buckets on the back and wire wheeled the screws and holes, then added some electric grease, still nothing. The bulbs also look good. I also checked the fuses behind the glove box and under the hood and all are good. Which wires should i trace to the back to see if im getting power or not?

I have been saving this issue for the jeeper but funds are low and i don't want to loose my overtime i've been getting each week. Any ideas, or has anyone had a similar issue with their reverse lights?

RedWranglerMike 05-22-2013 11:58 AM

Ended up being some rotted wires, repaired and working again!

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