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Daisy94 05-21-2013 10:57 AM

94 Wrangler Trouble After Mudding..
So I've finally been able to take my jeep (1994 YJ wrangler stock everything) off roading this past week. The first time around I went through a lot of mud and about an hour of mudding I noticed my jeep was running funny. It felt like it was almost going to stall, or like it was running out of gas. Either way I would have my foot to the floor and in 1st or 2nd gear and could barely get it to go over 10 mph. And it would jerk back, (hence the feeling like it was running out of gas or going to stall) I had plenty of gas and obviously my foot was on the gas and off the clutch so I wasn't in danger of stalling.

The people I went with seemed to think it was my fuel filter bogged down with mud, so I primed the fuel pump a few times and it ran fine for the next 5 days? I went trail riding a few nights ago we went through a few mud puddles but no where near the amount that I had the first night. I was able to drive my jeep home without a problem. Then yesterday while driving it started doing the same thing it did after the first night, but not quite as intense? I could feel it pull back while I was in 4th and 3rd, but I was able to get it moving and keep it moving. I did have to pull over a few times to prime the pump and it seemed to do the trick.

Is it just my fuel pump/filter that needs to be cleaned or fixed? Or is it something else?
I know absolutely nothing about cars, so explain everything as simply as you possibly can please haha

91yjMonster 05-21-2013 02:14 PM

Your fuel lines that run next to the engine might be getting too hot and The gas is evaporating before it gets into the motor. Check to see if they are insulated or not. If that's not it, it is most likely fuel pump or fuel filter.

jokerchief462 05-21-2013 02:36 PM

Change the fuel filter but lets look somewhere else. The mud is wet and you could be getting water or steam that turns back to water in the ignition system. Pull the dizzy cap and see if there is any moisture in the top of it. If so dry it out and spray some WD-40 in there. If not check your plug wires and other connections.

If you have good fuel level and a clean fuel filter it could be ignition IMO.

sevenservices 05-22-2013 11:03 AM

I can almost guarentee its your coil. Heres how...

Mine did that for over two years. It HATED water. I'd even splash through a little puddle and she'd sputter like running out of gas for a few minutes to follow. Sometimes even in heavy rain. It would never stall completely, just act like it wanted to.

Eventually I found by spraying water under the hood that when it would wet the coil, it would sputter like that! :) So, I replaced the coil and have since splashed through quite a lot of water without one small hickup. I also found the coil was pretty bad looking, the metal was starting to rust apart and was cracked pretty bad.

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