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redkaz04 05-22-2013 01:21 AM

best 33" tire for Tucson Arizona
Hi guys....

I have read a lot about GY DT and BFG AT' sounds like the Duratracs are preferred over the BFG AT anywhere that has snow. I plan to use my jeep for 10% offroad and 90% highway so I don't want a lot of noise. Are both these tires quiet at 60mph in a 33" size? Which tire would be better suited for my use in the desert? Anyone use the duratrac in the desert? I live in south georgia now, but will be moving out to Arizona this summer/fall.

Is there another tire that I should consider that I missed? I plan on keeping the 3;73 gears I have now.

Beastmaster 05-22-2013 07:43 AM

I went with Duratracs, IMO they're perfect for southern Arizona. I was the same as you; wanting something agressive but quiet. My rig is my DD but I try to hit the trails when ever I can and they do well all around.
I have an '07 JKU with 4:10 gears so I was able to put on 35's and they are whisper quiet compared to the ProComps I used to have on.
The best prices I've found in town for Goodyear is Discount tire. I used my Tread Lightly discount to get $100 off and when I told them I was a member of Wrangler Forum, they knocked off another $50.

Thank you for your service and when you get in town, you may want to check out our local thread:

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