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picnic42 12-27-2008 05:05 PM

Brand new 09 wrangler sahara
Howdy folks.... new here!
I am about to purchase a brand new 09' wrangler sahara! Every thing looks great.. love the new color! I searched the internet for a sahara with darned near everything on it and found it within 15 miles of home.
So upon visiting for a look-see of course they wanted me to buy right on the spot and offered some pressure.
Here is the very surprising part.... they said I could get this vehicle for employee pricing... list on window sticker was $28K reduced to $21k.
Guys that is a $7,000.00 reduction in price!!!!
Is this happening everywhere? Am I to be on guard about anything?
The only thing it does not have on it is the tow hitch and the diff. lock. I am concerned about these.... any input on this?
I know if I ordered a wrangler with a tow hitch... it comes with a different gear ratio... so to put on an after market hitch... might now work well or cause problems with ratio or transmission?????
Also concerned about the diff lock... I think this is pretty important... wht do you all think?
I hope to do the deal this coming week unless I hear some news from you guys.
Picnic42... Ralph

tpaulwx 12-27-2008 10:27 PM

Appears to be a great price....
Employee pricing has yet to be offered here in SW La. I purchased a 4door unltd X, pretty loaded and they offered a $ 2000 rebate only but I feel I did well on my trade which was an '01 Dodge Ram. I would push them down as far as they would go though, Good Luck.....tpaulwx

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