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boomer_95 05-23-2013 07:10 PM

tj frame options
what has everyone done to there frames as far as rust protection goes? the frame on my 03 TJ isn't to bad, with a few minor surface rust spots here and there, but i don't want it to spread like wild fire, like what I've always heard jeep frames do.

I was thinking about using a rust converter then either undercoating it in the fall or use a spray on bed liner right after the rust converter. the Canadian tire by me has all three products (rust converter, undercoating, and bed liner), the question is, what would be the best, and most efficient.

I use the TJ mostly as a commuting vehicle, but I also play a bit in mud/sand on the weekends, so i don't know if the undercoating will hold up good enough.


BLK00TJ 05-23-2013 07:28 PM

The first and most important step to rust prevention is keeping it clean and free of mud, dirt and even worse, road salts. For prevention if you only have surface rust I would just keep up with the wire brush and rattle can paint. If you have more severe rust, then you'll want to look into things like POR15 and Eastwood spray for the inside of your frame. The cleaning remains the same.

I live in an area that likes to use salt and chemicals for snow and my frame is still solid because I don't drive around showing off my handywork from the wheeling trip the week before. It is thoroughly sprayed off with a high-pressure hose within a day or two of getting home. I pay particular attention to the undercarriage and inside of the frame. Mud may be cool looking but rust is depressing.

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