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Stormeister 05-24-2013 11:04 AM

Does Anybody Know Boiling Pot Road?
I tried doing a loop out Fleur di Lise Road and back Boiling Pot Road north of Beatty.
Both ends of Boiling Pot Road had "Private Property, No Trespassing" signs. Near 95 the gate was open. At the other end (I went around) the gate was closed, but I didn't check for a lock.

In my experience many landowners have rights-of-way across their land that they don't like. I'm sure they love the rights-of-way they use to get TO their OWN land, they just want to deny everyone else access to THEIR own land.
Anyway, what you'll often see is "No Trespassing" signs that refer to the land outside the right-of-way. Usually they'll be on fences that line the right-of-way. Often there will be a gate with signs on the fence abutting the gate making it look like the road is NOT a right-of-way but a private road.

Boiling Pot Road has "No Trespassing" signs on the gates themselves, so we drove way around and came down Beatty Wash and hit 95 near Angel's Ladies.
[On Fleur di Lise Road there's a closed unlocked gate east of the gap. After we tried all the open gates that just led to farmhouses a heavy guy on an ATV came out to check us out. When we asked he implied that the gate meant dead end but after we each figured out the other wasn't a jerk he told us about the way that turned out to be Beatty Wash that we "could probably get through in a jeep".]

Does anybody know for sure if Boiling Pot Road is private or public? If I'd'a been alone I'd'a tried it to see if anybody yelled at me, but my passenger is always afraid of getting shot.
I guess I'll have to call the County or somebody to find out. Does anyone know whom to call?

If I can't find out and anyone wants to get a little daring with me...
The roads themselves are not challenging or anything. Beatty wash is a little rough so if anyone wants a guide...

Off Pavement 05-29-2013 09:05 PM

I'd start with a BLM recreation/resource map. Beatty itself and north is in the Battle Mountain District, Tonopah field office administrative area, and just south of Beatty covering all southern NV is handled out of Vegas. With the official resource maps and a GPS, you can get really close to finding what is and what isn't private lands.

I've experienced the same thing as you with private land owners trying to close open routes. If you go armed with maps and be cool with the land owners, I've never had a problem other than the guy in Colorado that shot over every vehicle passing his old mining claim. County sheriff finally caught the guy in the act and that stopped.

RepairMan 05-29-2013 09:40 PM

Most gates in that area have "please close gate" signs on them. That's to keep the burros off the highway. Make sure you stay off the bombing range.

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