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DatacomGuy 05-25-2013 01:29 PM

n00b.. What lift size do i need to start upgrading other things?
Planning on purchasing a 2013 JKU in a few weeks or months. I've been lurking and been reading for weeks and weeks.. but, dont always find matching answers across the many posts and threads..

90% of my driving will be commuting on pavement. 10% of the time on trails. I don't plan on any rock crawling at all, ever.. I know, i know. Flame away..

I'd like to get the most aggressive and largest lift i can, without having to worry about drive shafts and other components that would need to be upgraded.

I've read that 4" lifts require these upgrades, and a 4" was my original goal. This is all budget related - love the look of the 4", but i'd rather not go down the most expensive path if i dont need it. SO, that leads me to ask if 3.5" will work out, or if i need to go down to a 3"..or 2.5" + spacers..or 2.5"..

I plan on 33"s or 35"s..

Side note.. we really need a lift FAQ. Lots of the pickup forums i've been reading when i thought i was going that route had lots of great writeups that had all the answers in one place. We could definitely use that here.

DatacomGuy 05-25-2013 01:41 PM

Also.. I'll hijack my own thread..

Should i worry about regearing with 33"s? I'm assuming 35"s, the answer is yes. I'll be getting an automatic, and 3.73 gears.

4WS has some 5.13 kits for under $400. I would need to do rear AND front right? Or just rear?

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