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Noob25 05-26-2013 12:50 PM

Need help with benifit drive.
A fellow jeeper was in a bad accident yesterday on the way to Yankee lake. He was pulling his JK. There was a horse and buggy going opposite way(towards them) and a car tried passing buggy in that lane, the car in front of Frank and my cousin Roxie swerved at last minute to miss car that was passing buggy. Therefor Frank had no reaction time and collided head on. They are both in critical condition at metro downtown cleveland. I've never set up a benifit drive before, but this is badly needed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

BigDog21 05-26-2013 05:49 PM

If you don't belong to a club, this may be a tough one. It's so much easier if you belong to a club. Scout out a scenic route or a place to go off roading. (or a scenic drive to a place to off of both worlds), but decide what kind of run it will be...on road/off road/both. People are usually willing to put in 3-5 hours and donate up to $20 for a good cause. Plan your route, add in some stops (food & or potty breaks). Run the route yourself exactly as you plan it to see if it needs modified. Take a fellow jeeper to bounce ideas off of. Post on here or (sorry moderators) any other forums you look at. Post it on your social network (facebook/twitter etc). Friends of your friends may be Jeepers and want to help or just ride. I hope this helps a little. Anyone else please feel free to add to anything I've said here. Thoughts and prayers to Frank and your cousin Roxie.

Mcatt 05-26-2013 06:04 PM

Get in touch with some stores/shops like 4wheel parts or some places like poison spyder. Tell them the situation, ask for donated services or parts and have a raffle. Contact the people at Southington and ask them for some help like collecting donations at their place as well as other wheelin locations in and around th state. Plan on going to the Jeep jamboree next month ask to set up a booth for donations. And as the world is now be able to prove that the incident did occur and there really are victims in need. To many dirtbags have played the ole " I'm dyin give me money" BS. I dont see why any of these forums should object isnt that what we're supposed to do? HELP each other?

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