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rubicon151 05-28-2013 03:01 PM

T176 sticks in 4th after rebuild
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OK folks - time to call upon the wisdom I know you all have out there -

T176 jammed on the way home from church one day. Tore the top cover off and saw a bent syncro slider on the 3-4th syncro ring. See Pic
Attachment 254806

I dissasembled and used a novar rebuild kit to rebuild - went nice and smooth - no major problems.

1st and 2nd work great - will shift into 3rd, but the problem occurs when i shift into 4th - The ring will jam, and I will have to grab the cluster and push all three of the sliders in, in order to slide the ring back to neutral. It seems as if the shifter is sliding it too far, but there is no play in the shifter, and the forks look alright...

Attachment 254807

Attachment 254808

Attachment 254809

I dont know if it need to break in a little bit, or if this is happening because i am dry shifting with no fluid? or if my slider ring is shot? Everything with the shifter linkage looks good.

Any help or wisdom - jeep voodoo you can send my way much appreciated.


rubicon151 05-29-2013 10:27 AM


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