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Thejeap1 05-28-2013 03:18 PM

AC Compressor Making Noise!!
I have a 98 Wrangler. I took it on a small miles: <900. It was warm so we used the ac. On our way back home from the our trip, I had turned the AC on while on the highway but no cold or even cool air came out. When we slowed down to get off an exit, it started blowing very cold air again. When returning back onto the highway, we had cold air the entire time. Maybe I shouldn't have turned the AC on while going 70+ mph down highway 40??? When we got back, we realized the ac compressor is making an almost grinding noise that starts off pretty loud when the car starts but lightens a bit after a few minutes of running. When I turn the AC on, the noise goes away almost completely. I'm not sure if it had started making the noise while on vaca, we were mostly on highway 40 and it is hard to hear the engine going 70+ mph. There is also a strong smell coming from the compressor....almost like burning oil maybe. The belt seems to be fine and not rubbing anywhere. The AC works and the jeep's gauges all seem to be fine.

I've already looked at prices for new ac compressors but wanted to see if anyone had any info concerning...maybe save me a bit of money. If a new compressor is in order, maybe a recommendation on a inexpensive provider.

Thank you in advance to any advice anyone might have and thank you!


ChiliPep99 05-28-2013 05:36 PM

You might have a bearing going out on the pulley. I have a 99 TJ and had a grinding noise from my compressor. I found a kit on ebay that had the bearing and other components for about $60 shipped. You can find videos on YouTube that show how to replace the bearing.

Hope this helps!

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