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Bet 05-29-2013 09:54 PM

Trans Fluid Change
Apologies for posting a lot about my trans, just trying to figure out what's right and wrong.

Anyway, drained my old fluid in my NV3550, and pumped RP Synchromax in there.

After changing it, I didn't notice all that much of a difference, it does seem a bit smoother and I haven't had the tough shift into first as of yet. But this being my first manual trans vehicle (coming from and AW4 trans in my XJ) I'm not sure what it's supposed to "feel" like. When I shift into third, it doesn't just glide in, it's almost as if you have to pop it in. I don't really hear any grinding, but it feels like 3rd gear catches before sliding in - and I'm just not sure if that's normal because all my other gears are pretty buttery smooth.

(Here's my drain plug after pulling it out.)

Dlwmorgan 05-30-2013 03:35 PM

I'm having the same problems so switching back to mopar nv3500 manual transmission lub. Found it for $19 a quart (x3) on, which is the cheapest I've found it. Here in Missouri the sell for $26 a quart.

Here's a link to my thread/ problem. If this is what your experiencing...

Sticky shifter... -

(the eBay fluid is pickup only, maybe it's cheaper in PA)

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