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cjojeeper 05-30-2013 03:09 PM

Tie rod movement/rotation
I've done a quick inspection of my steering components. I had my brother cycle the steering back and forth while I observed a few things under the front end.

First of all I notice that my tie rod moves or rotates every time the wheel is turned. I've watched alot of videos online and I notice that most of the time other peoples tie rods do not move. Mine moves or rotates every time the wheel is turned. The tie rod ends rotate at the wheels up and down as well. Are my ends just worn? Do I replace just the ends or the entire tie rod? Im not sure what to do about this?

Secondly I've noticed that my track bar flexes up and down when the wheel is turned. Its not a very obvious movement but it is noticeable.

I have lift kit on this jeep and I know I can change the track bar out pretty easily. My concerns are that my jeep sort of shimmys and there is a considerable amount of bump steer. I dont think my tie rod should move as much but any insight would be apprecaited.

dwindeck 05-30-2013 03:38 PM

If you grab the tierod, and from a position that has the ends relatively level, you can rotate it approx. 1/4" in both directions... That's normal. There should be no difference in the amount movement between the tierod and the knuckle. As for your track bar flexing, the track bar should be SOLID... No flexing or movement at all at each attachment point.

dwindeck 05-30-2013 03:48 PM

Bump steer is caused by the additional angle of the track bar & drag link on lifted vehicles. These two should also have angles that are very close to the same. Some kits may either drop the track bar "frame mount" or raise the axle side position or both, along with a dropped pitman arm or a high steer conversion. Good strong/solid parts, solid mounting reduced and equal angles and bump steer will be minimal.

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