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TS00 05-31-2013 05:20 PM

Front suspension/steering rattle or play, thoughts
2009 Sahara, 65,000km (~40,000miles)

Hi all,

I've had my JK for 3 months so far, loving it. One thing that has bothered me since I got it is that there is some play in the front suspension, which gets transmitted through the steering - I can feel something moving when it shouldn't be.

When going over rough ground, something is clearly moving which shouldn't, and can be felt in the steering wheel.

There is no play in the steering itself, so the steering UJ is fine. In fact, the steering is pretty precise, no wandering at speed.

I've had a quick check of all the obvious bolts (track rod ends, ball joints, sway bar bushes etc), and the bolts are fine.

Any ideas where this is coming from? Any common wear items in the front steering or suspension that I should look at replacing?

Thanks :)

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